Mysha Khetan ABCwools Customer Stories

Mysha Khetan

At what age did you start your knitting/crocheting journey? 🧶

at the age of 11. 

Who taught you the art of knitting/crocheting?

My mom’s friend’s mom taught me.

Throughout your knitting/crocheting journey, who has been your biggest cheerleader and supporter?


How long have you been weaving yarn magic with your needles and hooks?

3 months.

What types of yarn make your knitting/crocheting projects truly shine? Any particular favorites? 🌈

Plush Yarn / Velvet Yarn

Have you ever attended any knitting/crocheting workshops, classes, or events to enhance your skills? 🎓


Have you noticed any positive effects on your mental health through your knitting/crocheting practice? 🌻


We all make mistakes! What are some common knitting/crocheting mishaps you've encountered, and how did you rectify them? 🙈

Sewing expressions and parts.

Are there any knitting techniques or stitches that you find particularly challenging or intriguing? 🔍