Navdeep Kaur - ABCwools

Navdeep Kaur

At what age did you start your knitting/crocheting journey?

I start my journey at the age of 35.

Who taught you the art of knitting/crocheting?

My mother in law taught me the art of knitting but crochet I learnt from my school days.

Throughout your knitting/crocheting journey, who has been your biggest cheerleader and supporter?

My cheerleader is my bhabi and mother in law.

How long have you been weaving yarn magic with your needles and hooks?

Its about 20 years ago.

What types of yarn make your knitting/crocheting projects truly shine? Any particular favorites? 🌈

Firstly I like colors then thickness of yarn, I like Vardhman, Oswal, now ganga knitting yarn all are my favorites.

What initially sparked your interest and motivated you to dive into the world of knitting/crocheting? 🌟

It's my own interest to knit and crochet.

Have you ever attended any knitting/crocheting workshops, classes, or events to enhance your skills? πŸŽ“

As I said my mother in law taught me how to knit so didn't attend any class or workshop.

Have you noticed any positive effects on your mental health through your knitting/crocheting practice? 🌻

Yes a big yes knitting improve my mental health. I like to knit and crochet work 😊