Nirmala Thanasekaran - ABCwools Customer Story

Nirmala Thanasekaran

At what age did you start your knitting/crocheting journey? 🧢

At the age of 10

Who taught you the art of knitting/crocheting?

My Mother

Throughout your knitting/crocheting journey, who has been your biggest cheerleader and supporter?

It started with my mother, encouraged by my college,after I became grandmother my daughter got wonderful yarns from USA , now varieties of yarn available in India online and the useful journey continues with nice patterns worldwide in many languages from YOUTUBE.Now the choice for yarns and patterns endless.

How long have you been weaving yarn magic with your needles and hooks?

50 years completed. I have done nearly one thousand small and big projects.

What types of yarn make your knitting/crocheting projects truly shine? Any particular favorites? 🌈

When I was small one variety of Oswal available in all colours .When I was in Pune in 1985 I used multi colour yarns.Nowadays Shiny , Sparky ,more ply yarn etc are available. All types are useful in making different projects. Old projects can be opened washed and can be used for simple projects. Nowadays bigger yarns and bigger needles are my favorite to finish soon to get Soft items.

What initially sparked your interest and motivated you to dive into the world of knitting/crocheting? 🌟

As our native is a hill station Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu ,the need for warm garmets made me to do.As my daughter lives in a cool place in USA I started making for daughter and grandson,his teachers and friends.As the YouTube designs are vast, and beautiful yarns are available online I am able to do wonderful items.

Have you ever attended any knitting/crocheting workshops, classes, or events to enhance your skills? πŸŽ“


Have you noticed any positive effects on your mental health through your knitting/crocheting practice? 🌻

100% It has positive effects. Even if I go to sister's house I take little wool I prepare small gift and present her every time.Knitters never waste their time .Our freetime is made into an useful products .Really it maintains our mental health.

We all make mistakes! What are some common knitting/crocheting mishaps you've encountered, and how did you rectify them? πŸ™ˆ

100% concentration is the need to do without mistakes. At home it is not possible all time. As I need perfection if I found a mistake I open do again always.

Are there any knitting techniques or stitches that you find particularly challenging or intriguing? πŸ”

Some designs are really challenging like Squeezing the brain. We can take that project when we are Physically healthy and mentally free. I find knitting joint free double knitted bag is more challenging.