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ABCwools 4mm Twisted Macrame Cord (M0N014) – 1kg

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ABCwools 4mm Twisted Macrame Cord (M0N017) – 1kg

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ABCwools 3mm Single Stranded Macrame Cord (M0O009)– 1kg


Buy Macrame Cord Online in India

Macrame is an interesting yet comfortable thing to do as a craft. Macrame is the modern way to show your artwork through a thread. Well, with macrame multi color cord thread, you can make the best macrame designs. The popularity of macrame is worldwide. Arabic weavers first created macrame in the 13th century. Well, from then to now, macrame is a popular method to craft decorative pieces.

Macrame is created by knotting the yarn in a selected pattern to make a design. Making wall hangings is a prime example of macrame. You can also make macrame jewellery.

We provide some best macrame cords like Macrame zari cordMacrame dual colour cordMacrame Jute Cord, etc.

Why should you consider buying a macrame cord from ABCwools?

  • ABCwools is offering you the best macrame cords in India. We deliver a premium quality product.
  • You are getting a genuine product at a reasonable price.
  • With quality, there is a large variety of colours. ABCwools can be your one-stop solution for macrame cords.
  • Free shipping all over the country is the best service which might be the reason for you to choose ABCwools.

Nowadays, quality products are very rare, and choices are limited. But, with ABCwools, you are getting the extension of both. A wide range of options with authentic quality. So, make your mind and feel free to order from ABCwools, India’s number one online yarn store.

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