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Purse Thread | ABC Wools | Purple Thread
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ABC Purse Thread (P0C005) – 200gms


ABCwools premium threads:

“Poems are usually written on paper. Usually, Verses of beauty are expressed on fabric”, with this thought ABCwools have curated the best of all quality threads for all the embroidery lovers out there for their next beautiful projection of art on fabric. The art of fine embroidery work is one that has been practised since time immemorial; with this fact, it is no wrong to consider embroidery as an art game played with a needle and threads, and choosing the right thread to incorporate into your next embroidery art game can be challenging. The secret to string choice is to pick the fiber, right weight/thickness and finish for your project. But to ease your way down, ABCwools have come up with premium quality threads with all the qualities mentioned above. Each palette tells a story, and every colour is a character is what ABCwools have always considered the most essential and integral part of their brand. With that, ABCwools always provide the best colour quality as well as variety and in their each and every product.

Here are some premium threads for you:

  • ABCwools Purse Thread: These are genuine polypropylene threads that are considered to be multipurpose threads mainly used in crocheting and knitting. With premium quality, ABCwools is providing this product in 8 beautiful shades. A blend of delicate braiding and weaving makes this product one of a kind for you to choose for your next project.
  • ABCwools Reshmi Reel Threads: To avoid much trouble for all embroidery lovers in finding the perfect shade for the next project, ABCwools has mindfully curated this whole range of “Reshmi reel Threads” with 35 vibrant, sparkling shades. These threads are some of the best products that ABCwools offer because of their fine quality, colour range and most affordable price.
  • ABCWools Coats embroidery threads: Feeling like stitching, no problem, ABCwools has bought this beautiful, colourful embroidery floss for you. This product comes with two sets of threads. These are the most chosen threads for embroidery work with a variety of 20 bold shades and quality of not bleeding or fading away of colour at the most reasonable price in India.

Why should you buy thread from ABCwools?

  • Magnificent, high-sheen, and high tensile embroidery thread designs in a wide range of colours.
  • Offering High Tensile Strength thread and Enhancement productivity due to low breakage.
  • On-time delivery and free shipping are the novelties offered by ABCwools

You have a great chance to grab some best threads on your budget. So, order now from the top-rated wool yarn online store. It will be a great privilege to serve you.

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