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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (25 Meters, 4mm)

(70 customer reviews)
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Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Black White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E019) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Orange White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E013) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Red White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E012) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Black White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E011) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | green White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E010) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Sea Blue White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E008) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Sea blue White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E007) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Blue White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E006) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Blue White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E004) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | Pink White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E003) – (25 Meters, 4mm)

Macrame Dual Color Cord | ABC Wools | pink White Yarn
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ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (M0E002) – (25 Meters, 4mm)


Technical Specifications for Macrame Dual Color Cord:

  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Length: 25 Meters
  • Composition: Cotton
  • Applications: DIY Crafts, Packaging, Scrapbooks, Decor, Home & Garden and Commercial applications.
  • Buy sufficient as the exact shade might/might not be available later.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
  • 7 Days Product Exchanges with ABCwools – India’s #1 Online Yarn Store

Description for Macrame Dual Color Cord:

This macrame dual color cord is extraordinarily delicate and thick simultaneously; as this is a 4 ply twisted macrame cord with 4mm diameter, it masterfully highlights the minor details you have created with enthusiasm and permits brushing dense tassels.

The unique colour variety is the speciality of this dual colour macrame cord. ABCwools has picked soft pastel colours with a white tone to encounter all your creative needs, and also this combination fits well with other macrame or different cords if combined.

Fill those vacant spaces or give your home a boho curve is an incredible initiative to execute with hand-tailored fibre cords. Do whatever it takes you to be the most creative without worrying about the raw material since ABCwools have your back always.

We present you with these 100% cotton dual colour macrame cords, ideal for both macrame beginners and pro specialists in macrame art. The delicate surface of the cord guarantees a smooth completion for your macrame art project, and it will give you the perfect structure you are looking for and sufficiently change into an ideal plant holder or even a shelf.

This extravagant dual colour macrame cord is gentler than the curved or interlaced macrame cord, and it is simpler to shred and smooth to tie. As this extraordinarily dual colour macrame cord is made to fulfil all your creative projects like bags, wall hangings, plant holders, and much more, with no delay, get your hands on them at ABCwools with the best pricing.

This macrame dual color cord is an example of the service quality of ABCwools, India’s number one online yarn wool store.

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Reviews (70)

70 reviews for ABCwools Macrame Dual Color Cord (25 Meters, 4mm)

  1. Avatar Of Diya


    ABC wools are a great treat and they are also big on privacy. Their website is safe and orders are guaranteed. Big support for the workers like us.

  2. Avatar Of Payal


    ABC wools are a great store and delivered excellent service. Efficient and accurate service. Personable owner. Overall a pleasant experience!☺️

  3. Avatar Of Onkar


    They’ve been right on time or early and leave my item right at my door. Highly affordable and greatly recommended!

  4. Avatar Of Meena


    I like because it helps me get the most excellent rates of yarn than anywhere else. Excellent!

  5. Avatar Of Ashnoor


    This was available at a great price so I bought it. The quality matters and it remains on the top of the notch. Best deals!

  6. Avatar Of Anju Sethiya

    Anju Sethiya

    Colours are the main reason to fall in love with the website and they are truly fabulous! The designation for the colour combinations is different from all other websites and it truly attracted me. I’m a retired woman and I wanted to step into the knitting and crocheting world so I choose I won’t regret any of my decisions dealing with them. Thank you!

  7. Avatar Of Muskan


    They have an awesome collection of fastest delivery products with affordable prices and the best deals ever. Good work!

  8. Avatar Of Kashish


    ABCwools already has a different purpose or use, vision, idea of comfort or choices in terms of design or colour. The great website has great deals too! ☺️

  9. Avatar Of Mahi


    Both my hobbies of cooking and knitting are going on well. Smoothly dealt with Thank you so much.

  10. Avatar Of Reetu Singh

    Reetu singh

    I also feel it’s easy to crochet with. It is worthwhile and satisfactory. I’m an experienced crocheter with all those skills gifted to me by my mother. Simple hand bags are my favourite crochet pattern. I love how they look when they’re finished. The cord serves perfectly. Credit reserved to

  11. Avatar Of Kashish


    Well-presented website which is easy to use and good prices, dealt with several staff that were all helpful. Packaging and shipping were superb. Very well packed so that the product is well protected✌️

  12. Avatar Of Akash


    It is soft, durable and don’t cost an arm and leg, I love them! ABCwools proved to be a super saver for me! Grateful!

  13. Avatar Of Shreeja Reddy

    Shreeja Reddy

    The price on this cotton cord is way cheaper than buying it at your local store! So, yes, it’s a great value!

  14. Avatar Of Rajlaxmi


    Looks homespun and cute tied around a package. It fits perfectly in a glass jelly jar on my sewing table, with the end clipped to the side. And the other rolls are stored away til needed

  15. Avatar Of Preety


    All very nicely customized. ABC wools make magic and even sent fine quality product for my work!! Very much recommended.

  16. Avatar Of Sania


    Truly. I got what I was in search of all thanks To and the trust I put in in them. Fruitful!

  17. Avatar Of Renu


    I never had a bad experience. Products delivered promptly, and issues are quickly resolved. Supportive, humble and hardworking team!

  18. Avatar Of Saira


    Excellent service and really pleasant people to deal with. Great service, great quality Thank you ABCwools, I will use you again in the future for all my crochet based concerns for my home or any decoration part.

  19. Avatar Of Ranbir Gidwani

    Ranbir Gidwani

    The thread is of good quality – sturdy, but still comfortable to work with – and is suitable for all ages to use. Most importantly, it is an excellent value for money. You definitely won’t be running out anytime soon!

  20. Avatar Of Hetal Patel

    Hetal Patel

    I love the idea of having this yarn in little girls’ rooms for décor or maybe even integrating them into something creative. Thanks!

  21. Avatar Of Deepika


    The versatility of this product allows for more creativity for all the keen knitters like us. Warm regards.

  22. Avatar Of Tushar

    tushar is a very nicely laid out store, I found that the prices in-store compared to purchasing on other online websites are slightly better. The website is organized. Well, looking forward to making a cardigan for my husband, when I’m done I will be posting a picture for sure! Love.

  23. Avatar Of Nancy


    I dealt with ABC wools for the first time; they have done an excellent job. Lovely website, attractive, collaborative, and efficient buying overall!

  24. Avatar Of Pooju Sirvi

    Pooju Sirvi

    I got the colours I needed for my plan with this cotton cord and I’m grateful to shop the yarn from ABC wools. I will highly recommend ABC wools to others and I lock them for all my upcoming projects. Fab!

  25. Avatar Of Tania


    I was keen on learning knitting and wanted to learn crocheting as well. I ordered my items from ABCwools and it turned to be amazing. It is lightweight and the product is really amazing. I learned how to knit a baby blanket last month. You start feeling like a kid and want to make one yourself too! It is just an adorable feeling ever! Thank you ABC wools.

  26. Avatar Of Meet Kour

    Meet Kour

    Reasonable prices and excellent product supplied well before the delivery date meeting all the requirements. Will definitely recommend others to buy yarn from ABCwools only.

  27. Avatar Of Tanya


    Highly recommend . High quality and look great. Awesome service and very professional. Worth every money spent here. Highly recommended! Once you get that, ordering online is easy. I’m happy, that they delivered what they have showcased! In love with ABCwools☺️

  28. Avatar Of Dikshita


    My next project is a crochet bag. This may be the nicest yarn I have ever worked with. I am not a perfect crocheter but I will try my best. All of my future knitting and crocheting projects are dedicated and finalised all the way to ABC wools forever!

  29. Avatar Of Kittu


    This really is a great yarn for a tote bag for the beach or makes one to use as a reusable market bag. Either way, it won’t take you long to create and the finished project is just beautiful. Amazing all around!

  30. Avatar Of Sarojini Sajwan

    Sarojini sajwan

    Although less expensive, the cotton cord is stronger, more durable, and more attractive. I ordered this one and it is just exceptional. There was no damage to any of the parts of the bed as it was well packed. All the items are affordable, so excellent value in every sense. My order arrived quickly, in time for the moment I was waiting for it. Thanks to ABCwools! Highly recommended to each and every one!

  31. Avatar Of Sehaj Singh

    Sehaj Singh

    If you are looking for some Cotton yarn to have on hand for crafts, or other garden/household uses, look no further than here! My order arrived promptly, a compact pack of light blue and pink color, and enough to be useful for many things moving forward.

  32. Avatar Of Rs Thapa

    Rs thapa

    Great material! They are an inspired team working towards finding design solutions for a client. The yarn quality is fantastic and the delivery was right on time. In other words I can say that buying any type of yarn from ABCwools is good in every aspect. Keep the good work!

  33. Avatar Of Sania


    ABC wools are a great store and delivered excellent service. Efficient and accurate service. Personable owner. Overall a pleasant experience!

  34. Avatar Of Rupali Soni

    Rupali Soni

    I’m trying to up my craft game, so I ordered this cord to help me make some rustic chic accessories and decor items. Though it may seem simple upon first glance, the string can be used for a variety of different things: adding a finishing touch to homemade ornaments; using along with plain brown paper to tie up presents in a very classic, old-world way; securing flower bouquets and wrapping the stems; for hanging pictures or other wall decorations. I really the love the different colours.

  35. Avatar Of Sahil


    Now with on-time shipping on a lot of items, it’s really convenient. Personalized website for great deals and quality products! Best wishes.

  36. Avatar Of Gurmehar Kaur

    Gurmehar Kaur

    This is a must have if you are creative. I cannot tell you how awesome this thread is. I bought the light green one. The string is super soft and strong.

  37. Avatar Of Prafullica


    I have an online business selling jewelry and I use this to wrap around my jewelry boxes so they look like a gift…. My customers absolutely love the presentation…..It’s looks amazing! 😀

  38. Avatar Of Anoop


    All of my future knitting and crocheting projects are dedicated and finalised all the way to ABC wools forever!

  39. Avatar Of Bhawna Walia

    Bhawna Walia

    The one and only reason they get my standard 10-10 quality score is because of the superb colour and durability. Great!

  40. Avatar Of Sahil


    The prices are very fair, and their customer service is excellent. I encourage you to shop with ABC wools. Great deal.

  41. Avatar Of Deepali Panwar

    Deepali Panwar

    This is a very good item to have around the house and very universal and strong 😁

  42. Avatar Of Simranjeet


    I got what I ordered and I’m satisfied. Awesome yarn, good quality, very fast delivery speed, amazing!!

  43. Avatar Of Yashi


    I have always got my items fast and on time. I purchased a variety of yarn for my initial projects and it resulted to be fruitful. For all my other orders about yarn stuff, I will always choose

  44. Avatar Of Surekha Malvi

    Surekha Malvi

    It is so totally and completely beautiful but it’s also crazy comfy. The gorgeous cords are so chic and will help me workout every item to be stunned and welcomed in any space, from a bedroom to a living room. Classy and a bit sassy!

  45. Avatar Of Anamika Bajwa

    Anamika Bajwa

    The services provided by the officials were smooth and satisfactory. Products and goods delivered were up to satisfaction and compared to market price. Excellent!

  46. Avatar Of Priyaski


    The quality is incredible, and the finish is so smooth. During the whole process of buying, the sales team guided me very well. This multi functionality and in an experience website design creates a recall value for the customers like us. Fan of ABCwools!

  47. Avatar Of Pratibha Bidwai

    Pratibha Bidwai

    I love this crocheted yarn – it’s easy, colourful, and such a unique idea. You’ll be crocheting some little flowers and then joining them all together to make the valance. This really works up quickly and is a perfect balance for the kitchen or even bathroom – just wherever you want to display your handiwork and add a nice splash of colour. Superb!

  48. Avatar Of Aishwariya Singh

    Aishwariya Singh

    I have a 4 year old baby girl and since then this is the only website I have ordered stuff within. I have a great pair of crocheted headbands, baby hats that I bought for vacation this summer. Let me tell you, and they are super classy. I used different shades on the border and it is a bit different than in the colour but it doesn’t make it look weird at all. Being a mother makes you creative! Thank you ABC wools for the best products!

  49. Avatar Of Jannat Butt

    Jannat Butt

    This is very fast, easy to knit, and also to make an excellent gift. All around a nice treasure hunt for me. Grateful!

  50. Avatar Of Neelam


    I hope ABC wools keep up the good work. I should note that all of my items were shipped by and I’m thankful to them. I will make my future orders soon.

  51. Avatar Of Payal


    I wait no more than a day or two and I have never had faster deliveries from anywhere. I got best product all the way from ABC wools and now start ordering knowing I’ll have it in a day or within 3-4 days. There on time deliveries made me punctual too. Thanks!

  52. Avatar Of Sania


    This product that I selected from is quite soft, almost silky, and holds its shape well when washed twice. Thanks!

  53. Avatar Of Prakash Raj

    Prakash Raj

    दागे मज़बूत और सुंदर है लेकिन डिलीवरी देर से आ रही है |

  54. Avatar Of Danishta Khan

    Danishta Khan

    Kaafi Soft aur Dikhne mei Bohat Sundar hai,.. , Crafts ki cheezo mei bohat kaam aa raha h .!
    Colours bhi saare naye h !

  55. Avatar Of Nitya


    These are the eye catchers and a total mess! Yes, you can even crochet things for your home, even if you’ve never crocheted before! Perfect decoration buddy for creative knitters. Thanks to ABCwools. Recommended!

  56. Avatar Of Manila


    The cord quality is fantastic and the delivery was right on time. In other words I can say that buying anything from ABCwools is good in every aspect. Well, looking forward to buy another set of yarn balls for my wife after this satisfaction. She told me to buy in bulk in case the products may go out of stock!I

  57. Avatar Of Ashima Lamba

    Ashima lamba

    I was thinking to start a new crochet project as I’m on leave and I want a cute little baby headband for my new-born baby. I’m pretty impressed by the colour of the product and I just love it! My friends loved my work and so my mother in law☺️ Cherished!

  58. Avatar Of Shopia Chapman

    Shopia Chapman

    You can create so many different designs with a Cotton cord, even with minimal knowledge. All the colours are gorgeous.

  59. Avatar Of Kashmira


    This cotton cord is used for various jewellery making techniques like knotting, weaving, and braiding. Perfect place to support my handmade stuff and business enhancement. It looks so nice, so elegant and modern. People always compliment my new stuffs adding on my Instagram page. Thanks to ABCwools

  60. Avatar Of Citti Girl

    Citti Girl

    Product is also good. Only thing is the colour. In the image, it’s looking as in reality. I am attaching an image along! Loved☺️

  61. Avatar Of Nima


    The presentation of the website is cool and eye-catching. The whole attraction is the colourful display and range of different shades of items. I’m glad to buy this on from the website!

  62. Avatar Of Purvi Panchal

    Purvi Panchal

    They are in a variety of colours to accommodate any project. I bought this product after searching online and found it really good to see it same as in the images and was very easy to knit and crochet. Working on a larger personalized project to go along with my bed, keep guessing☺️

  63. Avatar Of Nijma


    They provide good quality products at a very reasonable price. It is available in various colour sizes to match your project requirements. Amazing to purchase yarn for every personalised project in bulk too! Highly recommended!

  64. Avatar Of Anshikha


    Absolutely, Joy! I’m glad I found it helpful. A refresher is always good, and it helps me pay attention to the colours. I select, in so many things. I am in love with the fastest delivery and it is the best type of yarns for certain project. Again, thank you so much!

  65. Avatar Of Suprita Poojari

    Suprita Poojari

    Excellent quality overall and well appreciated. Great work ABCwools! Craving for more and more offers and deals to come in upcoming days!

  66. Avatar Of Harshvardhan


    Be it design, comfort or the shopping experience, ABCwools ticks all the boxes for me. Their comfort and quality is what keeps bringing me back.

  67. Avatar Of Lalita


    I love the thought of crocheting things; it’s not my best talent. I would always recommend ✌️ ABC wools for the crochet yarns whenever I’m asked by friends and I will get a pair of this superb material. This is the best thing I’ve ever worked with! Thank you very much for putting my trust in you!

  68. Avatar Of Jhane Jingel

    Jhane Jingel

    I am impressed with the quality and the colour is attractive. I got a lot of compliments from friends and family. ABCwools are a supreme team of approachable and customized yarn and now specializing with the cotton yarn that is becoming popular day by day. The cord will be ideal for making decorative pieces for my living room

  69. Avatar Of Hardik


    The cotton cord is soft and very lush. I tried the pink coloured yarn which is exclusive to the website, and it is incredible. I would definitely buy more. It is just an amazing site for other yarn buying. Affordable!

  70. Avatar Of Vikas Gupta

    Vikas Gupta

    I was delighted to find that the quality is worth appreciating and I’m happy too, so it’s a win all around. I don’t know why no one has thought of this before but I’m glad that someone thought of it now. I have already ordered more. All thanks to ABC wools and their sincerity!

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