ABCwools Single Stranded Macrame Cord – 100 Meters

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Product Description

Explore Our ABCwools Single Stranded Macrame Cord – 100 Meters Collection

Technical Specifications for ABCwools Single Stranded Macrame Cord:

  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Length: 100 Meters
  • Composition: Cotton
  • Applications: DIY Crafts, Packaging, Scrapbooks, Decor, Home & Garden and Commercial applications.
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  • Product Color may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
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Description Of Single Strand Macrame Cord:

Tidy up those vacant spaces or give your home a boho curve is an incredible initiative to execute with hand-tailored fiber cords. Try not to stress over the raw material since ABC Wools have you covered. We present you with these Single Stranded Macrame Cord, which are ideal for both macramé fledglings and progressed specialists. The delicate surface of the Single Stranded Macrame Cord guarantees a smooth completion for your fiber craftsmanship, and it is sufficiently able to change into perfect plant holders or even a shelf.

The color variety and shades of Single Stranded Macrame Cord were chosen in care to offer new choices and inventiveness freedoms to macramé rope clients. The Single strand macrame cord is extraordinarily delicate and thick simultaneously, on account of which it consummately improves the magnificence of macramé hubs and permits brushing dense tassels.

This extravagant Single Stranded Macrame Cord is gentler than curved or interlaced macramé rope, and it is simpler to shred and smooth to tie. As this exquisite macramé line assortment is made to fulfil all your various plans, with no delay, get your hands on them at ABC Wools with the best pricing.

Why Purchase The Single Strand Macrame Cord?

* It is in every case better to go with the best, and with Abc Wools, India’s leading online yarn store, here you are getting the best quality, just as we harshly deny anything under a superior quality.

* The single strand macrame string is known for its dynamic quality and extravagance of shades.

* These ropes are sold in perfect packages rather than the standard loads that are tedious and cumbersome to unwind.

* This single strand macramé string is delicate on your hands, and you can work for quite a long time, unafraid of getting rankles or scratches.

* Also, this string is for specialists as well. They find it perfect for their projects.

* This single strand macrame rope is ideally suited for making macramé adornments like accessories and studs.

* Moreover, the string is a decent choice for making DIY specialities, nursery, and home stylistic layout creates, and so on. All things considered, this rope is a decent choice for the two specialists and fledglings. This is cotton made. That is the reason it is incredibly delicate and smooth. You can undoubtedly go with this expert quality rope.

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