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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn - 120gms

(58 customer reviews)

Note: 1 Unit of this product contains 2 Hanks of 60grams each. We advise you to buy sufficient quantities. Stay Safe ❤️

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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA010) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA010) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA003) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA003) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA038) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA038) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA037) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA037) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA029) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA029) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA025) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA025) – 120gms

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA014) - 120gms
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Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn (O0BA014) – 120gms


Technical Specifications for Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn :

  • Composition: 100% Acrylic
  • Weight: 120gms (1 Unit of this product contains 2 Hanks of 60grams each)
  • Length: 210 Meters (in 100 grams)
  • Needle Size: 4 mm – 5.5 mm
  • Hook Size: 4 mm – 5.5 mm
  • Use for – Hats, mufflers, blankets, socks, etc.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
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Abc Wools Oswal Wool Yarn Authenticity Certificate Oswal With Frame Abc Wools

Description for Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn :

Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn is suitable wool for making sweaters, jackets, skirts, hats, caps, mufflers, gloves, and mittens, etc. It is a chunky weight, meaning it’s breathable and warm, and perfect for folding at the bottom of your bed. It can be easily cleaned and keeps you warm even in the rain. Chanky wool yarn absorbs moisture and will keep you warm while the material continues to breathe making it great for wearing.

This wool is washable and is treated chemically or electronically to destroy the outer fuzzy layer of fibers. It is ideal for winter and summer. It is great for making scarves, sweaters, gloves, hats, socks and other clothes as such in one way.

The cleaning process of Oswal Chanky wool yarns includes using only hot water and detergent. The yarn balls by Oswal online wool yarn are inspired by the exotic range of colors and nature-focused as they are totally eco-friendly!

If you are purchasing Vardhman Lamb Hair Wool Yarn, you have to put the following things in mind:

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Reshape while wet
  • Wash only in lukewarm water up to 30 deg C.

Explore Vardhman, Ganga & Cotton Yarns along with Knitting & Crochet AccessoriesMacramePurse Threads and Embroidery Threads ensuring that there’s a perfect colour for your next creative project.


Reviews (58)

58 reviews for Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn – 120gms

  1. Avatar Of Santosh K.

    Santosh K.

    a nice collection of colours. I cant fault the wool in anyway, it’s strong and clean.

  2. Avatar Of Soumaon Charles

    Soumaon Charles

    This was available at a great price so I bought it. The quality matters and it remained on the top of the notch. I was looking for thicker yarn to make a chanky winter scarf for my brother. This was perfect. It was easy to work with, super soft, and has been holding up well. My brother loved it anyway and I’m also happy. This yarn is great! I’ve made several items with it before. My next project will be a crochet cardigan. It holds up well and doesn’t get pill. This may be the nicest yarn I’ve ever worked with. I am not the best crocheter but everyone who sees the blanket I made thinks its store bought. The yarn is soft and very lush. I would definitely buy it.

  3. Avatar Of Ranu V Devrath

    Ranu V Devrath

    The yarn came on time. The colors are beautiful and it is of excellent quality. I have recently started crocheting amigurumi and I would highly recommend this as a nice starter set.

  4. Avatar Of Meena Jangid

    Meena Jangid

    Great yarn. Consistent color and soft feel without stretching or fraying.

  5. Avatar Of Savita Gosh

    Savita Gosh

    I love this yarn!! It’s so soft! It’s easy to crochet with.

  6. Avatar Of Phiona M.

    Phiona M.

    Beautiful combination of colors and great yarn quality. 🙂

  7. Avatar Of Devangi Joshi

    Devangi Joshi

    Very soft an squishy yarn! Im in love!

  8. Avatar Of Shilpa Das

    Shilpa Das

    Bright color and easy to use!

  9. Avatar Of Twinkle Sharma

    Twinkle Sharma

    I loved this yarn. I recently got into crocheting and this is amazing for beginners. Really good quality and really easy to work with. It looks small but you can get alot done with the size .

  10. Avatar Of Yamini Panwar

    Yamini Panwar

    This yarn is never a disappointment. Easy to work with. Minimal, if any knots. Always holds its shape. Washes and drys beautifully.

  11. Avatar Of Neeta Singh

    Neeta Singh

    It is very affordable and works so well for these crochet baby animals I am making. I am a beginner and it works well for me. Shipping was very quick. I will order more

  12. Avatar Of Geeta Pillai

    Geeta Pillai

    Great value. Work well for my needs. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

  13. Avatar Of Preksha Gurjar

    Preksha Gurjar

    Love the colors, texture and softness! Got all the colors I needed.

  14. Avatar Of Sandhya Khatri

    Sandhya Khatri

    Soft and bright colors

  15. Avatar Of Satish Jain

    Satish jain

    Very satisfied with the product. Quality of yarn is decent.

  16. Avatar Of Niharika Mishra

    Niharika Mishra

    I crochet and it’s is very good yarn for that making sweaters scarves and blankets and other garments. The color was what it show which is important to me.

  17. Avatar Of Ritu Bhati

    Ritu Bhati

    Great to have so many colors on hand. Thank you!

  18. Avatar Of Shreya Garg

    Shreya Garg

    Great collection and varieties to choose from. Loved the yarn quality.

  19. Avatar Of Yamini Panwar

    Yamini Panwar

    Love this product, it is perfect. High quality, soft, easy to work with as it has just the right amount of give (stretch) to it. I make tiny toys, and it is my favorite yarn.

  20. Avatar Of Rakesh Sharma

    Rakesh Sharma

    My wife and I have been the recent members of ABC wools and have ordered a couple of yarn balls from Oswal both. We never had a bad experience. Products delivered promptly, and issues are quickly resolved. Their prices are very fair, and their customer service is excellent. Usually they are the best price, but occasionally another online company might be lower. Unless the difference is significant, we buy from ABC wools because we trust them. Considering the number of difficulties I’ve had with other online companies, were frustrating, I encourage you to shop with ABC wools as they are in coordination with those of Oswal. I love the design of the website! Fastest delivery, easy returns.

  21. Avatar Of Shivani G.

    Shivani G.

    I purchased these for my mother in law. She loved the vibrant colors and was impressed with the quality.

  22. Avatar Of Chetan Chogunde

    Chetan chogunde

    The chanky wool yarn was looking good and I ordered it to make a muffler. After I received it the next day I checked for the quality. And it was perfect. I found the color is also good for a cheap price.

  23. Avatar Of Sourabh Panwar

    Sourabh Panwar

    Nice color, elastic, just right size for my project.

  24. Avatar Of Vishakha Raghav

    Vishakha Raghav

    So very pleased with this product. Yarn is very soft but sturdy – great quality for the price. Product yarn arrived as promised – and I will definitely buy again!

  25. Avatar Of T. Jayamurthi

    T. Jayamurthi

    I love ABC wools and we order everything if we could through here. We can now start with our business strategies along with those amazing yarn fibres from Oswal. I always get my items to me fast. There are some sellers which are just plain nasty so you got to be careful what you buy, read all the reviews. We purchased a variety of yarn for our workers and it resulted to be fruitful. We are totally ready to step into the market with our skilled artists and their great art work. For all my other orders about yarn stuff, I will always choose Thanks!

  26. Avatar Of Noor Kalra

    Noor Kalra

    Loved it. Beautiful colors and arrived on time and in good condition. Great value for beginners.

  27. Avatar Of Suman Balan

    Suman Balan

    I got this to do my first crochet project, and I think it’s wonderful for that purpose.

  28. Avatar Of Rashmi Gunpal

    Rashmi Gunpal

    The colours are lovely and I am really enjoying learning the craft. The yarn has been really good and I really like the colour.

  29. Avatar Of Mukunda Vyas

    Mukunda Vyas

    I ordered bright red color chanky yarn… Received same product as it is shown here.
    Thank you ..
    I will order some more attractive colour.

  30. Avatar Of Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar

    Thickness is good. Texture very soft. Grandma is an excellent knitter and has been knitting since her youth. Her verdict was reassuring. She loved the quality.

  31. Avatar Of Tamannah Devrath

    Tamannah Devrath

    This is such a nice collection of colors. The vibrancy is excellent and the feel of the material if fabulous. Great for crocheting and knitting. I will be purchasing more!!

  32. Avatar Of Jyoti Nirwan

    Jyoti Nirwan

    I really enjoy this yarn , it’s perfect for making stuffed animals..

  33. Avatar Of Lavanya Purohit

    Lavanya Purohit

    Even texture, very vivid colors, and the yarn is surprisingly soft!

  34. Avatar Of Vinni Maheshwari

    Vinni Maheshwari

    Great product for cost .

  35. Avatar Of Vinita Sharma

    Vinita Sharma

    Thankyou so much for this yarn. I really loved the quality of this product. I had to knit for my brother and I was looking urgently for this chanky yarn and finally got my yarn dilvered that too with free shipping. So I am really happy ☺️

  36. Avatar Of Khushbu Joshi

    Khushbu Joshi

    Works well. Soft to touch. Easy to work with.

  37. Avatar Of Neetu Manmohan

    Neetu Manmohan

    I am using this to knit my muffler and it has came out so cozy and soft. I am looking forward to knit more of my personal stuffs so that I can flaunt them in front of my friends 😍 Highly satisfied with the prices!

  38. Avatar Of Renu B.

    Renu B.

    Great for beginner projects. It’s not too thick or too thin so it’s easy to work with.

  39. Avatar Of Gayatri T.

    Gayatri T.

    I really liked this yarn to crochet. It just worked up really well and was exactly what I needed for a small stuffed animal project.

  40. Avatar Of Prabha Kaur

    Prabha Kaur

    I have really enjoyed working with this yarn. The colors are vibrant and the yarn itself is soft and easy to work with. Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a variety of colors on a budget.

  41. Avatar Of Gayatri Sharma


    Seems like online shopping might actually be even better than shopping in the city at ABC wools. Thanks for the helpful pointers.

  42. Avatar Of Rajeshwari Gupta

    Rajeshwari Gupta

    The value and quality is amazing. The color is even prettier in person. Soft and easy to use. Would be perfect for beginners and anyone crocheting.

  43. Avatar Of Binny Mehta

    Binny Mehta

    These little skeins were just the right size for our children and youth learning to knit and crochet. They offered a variety of colors that appealed to everyone!

  44. Avatar Of Sapna Goel

    Sapna Goel

    love it. nice colour along with nice composition.

  45. Avatar Of Vishal Gaur

    vishal gaur

    nice product.

  46. Avatar Of Monika Rathore

    Monika Rathore

    I liked this product very much, the quality is good, soft and beautiful colour as shown in the pic and I used it to make a sweater for my daughter.

  47. Avatar Of Charu Malik

    Charu Malik

    Love the softness and brilliant colors. A bargain for anyone.

  48. Avatar Of Nisha Goel

    Nisha Goel

    Good product, well packed. I was moreover happy with the delivery and free shipping.

  49. Avatar Of Mukta Thadani

    Mukta Thadani

    Nice wool! This was my first attempt at crochet and it really was great experience with this wool. This wool was easy to work with. I am so happy that I made somthing with this yarn on my own. 🤩

  50. Avatar Of Kanchan Bhana

    Kanchan Bhana

    This oswal chunky wool yarn is really good and rare in my opinion. This kind of product is not much available in the market. But here in ABCwools, I found the best quality wools👌. It is truly helpful. And also, the designs are good.

  51. Avatar Of Khushi Kadri

    Khushi Kadri

    Thank YOU so much..I love this yarn.

  52. Avatar Of Mrinali Sankhla

    Mrinali Sankhla

    Very soft yarn and easy to work with. And got this yarn here at cheaper price than amazon. 👍 Looking forward for more yarn shopping with you.

  53. Avatar Of Meenakshi Kothari

    Meenakshi Kothari

    I liked this yarn a lot. I was wondering whether I will be able to get my particular colour or not. But thanks to abc wools, they had all the range of colours in this yarn.🥰

  54. Avatar Of Misha Jain

    Misha Jain

    I ordered green colour in this category and I must say, it was beautiful colour, lovely quality and super easy to handle as I am a beginner in knitting.

  55. Avatar Of Salina Mohammad

    Salina Mohammad

    Good product at a great price, even consistent fiber and a lovely color

  56. Avatar Of Niharika Singh

    niharika singh

    Exactly the color I wanted and needed. Can always count on the weight, consistency, and that it will work up nicely. Thank you.

  57. Avatar Of Vishakha Mathur

    Vishakha Mathur

    This is my third purchase from ABC wools and it is excellent product and really worth buying it. U get same colour as shown. 👍

  58. Avatar Of Deepika


    Nice wool & very bright Oswal Chanky Wool Yarn, buying more this wool!

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