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Estimating How Much Yarn To Buy!

Estimating How Much Yarn To Buy

Estimating How Much Yarn To Buy With ABC Wools

When you begin a new knitting or crocheting project, you must know how much yarn to get. If you’re substituting one yarn for another in a pattern or just having an idea of what you’d like to crochet, you can work out the yardage using yarn measurements. If you’re following a pattern that calls for wool, the pattern will normally tell you how many balls to buy for each size. However, if you want to use a yarn other than the one shown by the pattern, you may need to do some calculations.

Estimating yardage for the size you knitted the specimen in is easy, but how do you calculate yarn to use for the remaining sizes without knitting them first? When they first start out, several knitting pattern creators ask themselves this question. I used to fear this aspect of the process as well because I was afraid of making mistakes in my measurements and disappointing the people knitting my patterns. I was using a process that included weighing the amount of yarn used per stitch, but I wasn’t certain that it was correct. Later, I found a form that I am much more secure in, and that is the one I will demonstrate to you today.

The two pillars of this estimation are mentioned below. According to your knitting project, the requirement of your yarn will depend on the Yarns per skein, the pattern you are using, and the type of yarn you are using. 

  • Yards per skein multiplied by the number of skeins specified in the pattern = total yards required for the pattern.

    Yards per skein* number of skeins in pattern = total yards required for that pattern!

  • Total yards needed for the pattern ÷ yards per skein of your chosen yarn = number of skeins you need (round up to the nearest whole number, if necessary)

    Total yards required for that pattern/ yards per skein = number of skeins you need!

You don’t have a neat way to decide how much yarn to buy if you’re not working straight from a pattern or if you’re working at a different gauge than the pattern recommends. Calculate how much you’ll need. This table provides yardage estimates for a number of projects in a variety of gauges.

Estimated Yardage Of Yarn For Projects

Estimated Yardage Of Yarn For Projects

Yarn Weight Category

Stitches Per Inch

Yards Needed For A Hat

Yards Needed For A Scarf

Yards Needed For An Adult Sweater

1.  Superfine

7 to 8

300 to 375


1,500 to 3,200

2.  Fine

6 to 7

250 to 350


1,200 to 2,500

3.  Light

5 to 6

200 to 300


1,000 to 2,000

4.  Medium

4 to 5

150 to 250


800 to 1,500

5.  Bulky

3 to 4

125 to 200


600 to 1,200

6.  Super Bulky

1.5 to 3

75 to 125


400 to 800


Patterns normally ask for somewhat more yarn than you’ll need, so if you want to swatch to account for the unknown (you don’t want three-quarter sleeves, or you’ve had a horrible yarn accident), buy a little extra yarn, particularly if it’s being discontinued. A ribbed or cabled pattern uses more yarn than a garter stitch pattern, and the results can differ.

Apart from these measures, the quality of the yarn you are using is always matters! And you need to make sure that you are using the topmost quality yarn to knit the perfect gift for your loved ones! ABC Wools is the Only Place to Buy Wool Yarn Online in India. We’ve been pushing forward since the beginning of our career. Vardhman Wool & Oswal Wool comes in 600+ different colours, guaranteeing a great yarn colour for the next artistic crochet project. ABC Wools is committed to offering the widest possible range of brand names and high-quality yarns, as well as exceptional customer service at the lowest possible price. We value our customers and will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a fantastic shopping experience with us and that you are satisfied with your purchases.

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