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Devika Shaji

At what age did you start your knitting/crocheting journey? 🧢
Long back I guess like I was 12 or something.
Who taught you the art of knitting/crocheting?
Once i saw one of my grandparents doing Crochet, Then I got interested and she taught me with the basic stitches.Aftet that I lost interest then I started doing it after college.Now I am completely into it.
Throughout your knitting/crocheting journey, who has been your biggest cheerleader and supporter?
Definitely my Family.
How long have you been weaving yarn magic with your needles and hooks?
More than 10yearsπŸ™ˆ
What types of yarn make your knitting/crocheting projects truly shine? Any particular favorites? 🌈
Definitely yeah I love with Ganga yarns specially their spectrum range and other one is Vardhman Dropili
What initially sparked your interest and motivated you to dive into the world of knitting/crocheting? 🌟
Crochet is a therapy for me.i love doing it now all the day.
Have you ever attended any knitting/crocheting workshops, classes, or events to enhance your skills? πŸŽ“


Have you noticed any positive effects on your mental health through your knitting/crocheting practice? 🌻
Definitely yeah. This is what I love doing it now. Actually crochet is kond of escaping from the reality and I love making new things and it is making me happy.
We all make mistakes! What are some common knitting/crocheting mishaps you've encountered, and how did you rectify them? πŸ™ˆ
Unfortunately I used to pull those yarns and make new oneπŸ˜‚
Are there any knitting techniques or stitches that you find particularly challenging or intriguing? πŸ”
Definitely yeah, specially the tunishan stitches and doily with anchor threads i mean the small yarns.
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