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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn – 100gms

(49 customer reviews)
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8 ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Buy Black Yarn | ABC Wools
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA329) – 100grms

8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Grey Yarn | ABC Wools
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA327) – 100grms

ABC Wools | 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Buy Yarn online
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA324) – 100grms

ABC Wools | 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Buy Whitegrey Yarn online
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA323) – 100grms

ABC Wools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Grey Green Wool | ABC Wools
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA322) – 100grms

8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Blue Yarn | ABC Wools
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA321) – 100grms

8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Buy Blue Wool Yarn | ABC Wools
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA320) – 100grms

ABC Wools | 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | Buy Red Yarn Online
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA318) – 100grms

8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn | ABC Wools | off pink Yarn
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ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn (C0HA314) – 100grms



  • Ticket/Ply: 8 Ply
  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 100gms(Approx)
  • Hook Size: 5.00mm-7.00mm
  • We propose you purchase a satisfactory amount of yarn, considering that the shade may change inside the accompanying future orders.
  • Product Color may relatively move under the show settings of your gadget.
  • 7 Days Product Exchanges with ABCwools – India’s #1 Online Yarn Store

 Description for ABC Wools use Premium 8 Ply Cotton Yarn:

Our 8 Ply cotton yarn worsted weight yarn is fundamentally wonderful for kids – and an extra-exceptional treat for grown-ups too. Yarn is made by transforming strands together to shape them into an extensive string. Next comes to Ply cotton; ply cotton yarn is a lot of fibers that went together to make a twisted string or fiber that is implanted as a long ply yarn, considering that there’s just one bent string in making the yarn.

 What is 8 Ply Cotton Yarn?

  •  The 8 ply cotton yarn is one in everything about the best yarns of ABC Wools.
  •  It is outlined of unadulterated quality cotton.
  •  8 ply cotton yarn is a decent choice for knitters and crocheters to join in.
  •  This yarn is completely cotton-made, and it is outstandingly sensitive, making it a skin-obliging thing.
  •  Our 8 ply yarn is an optimal decision for covers, throws, scarves, and heaps of various endeavors. Beautiful Mixed tone is sensible for Crocheting/Hand Knitting, Sweater, Baby Clothes, dolls, blankets, Hats, Socks, and diverse other claim to fame projects, etc.
  • The comprehensive assurance of splendid, versatile shadings we give in 8 ply yarn is what makes it one in everything about least complex shippers.

 Why pick ABC Wools 8 PLY Cotton Yarn: 

  • It is made of 100% cotton. Its weaving is lovely ensured cotton yarn.
  • For juveniles, the 8 ply solid concealing cotton yarn could be an optimal decision. On the off chance that you’re a novice, you’ll have the choice in the first place this yarn. Since it will give you a smooth yet strong weaving experience.
  • Moreover, this thick cotton yarn can work with your winter wear. You can knit socks, gloves, scarves, and covers with it. Cotton could be good security for your body temperature and, in this manner, the outside temperature.
  • The ABC Wools 8 ply cotton yarn is substantial. It is made from 8 cotton strings joined. Moreover, the strings are used like one over another, so it’ll not lose, which adds a great perspective to the item’s standard.
  • Besides being strong, the sensitive quality it offers is colossal. You fundamentally can’t even think of uttering a word negative about the quality bar you’re getting.
  • You can buy these solid concealing cotton yarns online in India at the supreme base expense with ABC Wools and secure all the most noteworthy marks of the scope and genuinely fragile wools online in India! 
  • Experts can depend upon this yarn as there’s a tremendous extent of concealing decisions. They’re getting their supported concealing for their impending exercises.

You can get a wide range of colors for all Vardhman Wool, Oswal Wool, Ganga Yarn & Cotton Wool in India at ABC Wools. You can now also get a wide range of colors for Macrame, Vardhman Baby Soft & Vardhman Micro Shine.

Reviews (49)

49 reviews for ABCwools 8 Ply Premium Cotton Yarn – 100gms

  1. Avatar Of Rahul Rampal

    Rahul Rampal

    I gifted this yarn to my grandmother and she was very excited after seeing the color and quality of the yarn. She really loved it. Thank you abcwools. ☺

  2. Avatar Of Inaaya


    The yarns are lovely and so appealing to children.💖

  3. Avatar Of Aaradhya Agarwal

    Aaradhya Agarwal

    The packaging is very nice. The parcel was very nicely packed and was delivered in perfect condition.😀👌

  4. Avatar Of Sheeta Kumari

    Sheeta Kumari

    I really enjoyed working with this yarn. 🤗The color is so amazing that your project will look very beautiful.

  5. Avatar Of Rajni Sharma

    rajni sharma

    I loved working with this yarn. Would definitely love to order some more. <3

  6. Avatar Of Palak Mishra

    Palak Mishra

    Amazing yarn, so soft and smooth and very much easy to start the work with at a very affordable price. 😻👌

  7. Avatar Of Kruti Sharma

    Kruti Sharma

    I just received my parcel yesterday and I just loved the packaging. It came in a small box. The packaging was really superb.

  8. Avatar Of Riva Charr

    Riva charr

    These are small balls of wool though, so great for little projects and also for beginners.👍☺

  9. Avatar Of Myra Singh

    myra singh

    Fast delivery of products. I received my order within 3 days.👍⚡

  10. Avatar Of Ananya Sharma

    ananya sharma

    Quality product and quality service.💯

  11. Avatar Of Kriya Khan

    Kriya Khan

    If you are to work on big projects, I recommend you to visit ABC wools as they have very tempting shades.👌

  12. Avatar Of Priyal Singh

    Priyal Singh

    I wanted to start knitting and crochet and was looking at this website, I must say they have an amazing collection of shades.🥰

  13. Avatar Of Riya Manuja

    Riya Manuja

    I purchased a ball of 8 ply premium cotton yarn and it is very soft and the quality is just perfect and the color was exactly the same as shown on the website.

  14. Avatar Of Sanju Solanki

    Sanju Solanki

    The 8 ply premium cotton yarn is strong and durable too. Still working with it but so far it is going good.😀

  15. Avatar Of Priyal Khurana

    priyal khurana

    Abc wools have very fast delivery and a great collection of yarns and wools. A must visit website.☺🤗

  16. Avatar Of Chetna


    It would have been nice to have knitting needles included also.

  17. Avatar Of Aadya Upadhay

    Aadya Upadhay

    Good for a gift for children wanting to learn knitting and crochet.😊👍

  18. Avatar Of Karuna Panwar

    Karuna panwar

    Fabulous colors. 😍I love each and every color in this category. 👍

  19. Avatar Of Khushi Verma

    Khushi Verma

    This 8 ply premium cotton yarn is just amazing.💯 I started my project with this yarn and it is so light weighted and very easy to work with.🤩

  20. Avatar Of Kritika Shah

    Kritika Shah

    My first project was with the 8 ply premium cotton yarn and it turned out to be very fascinating 🤗

  21. Avatar Of Sejal


    It is one of the best quality cotton yarns I have ever purchased. I would highly recommend this product. 👌

  22. Avatar Of Krupa Lakhani

    Krupa Lakhani

    Fantastic quality, so beautiful shades and best yarn to start with a small project.

  23. Avatar Of Sarah


    Bright and so natural-looking shades and well-assorted website.🌟☺

  24. Avatar Of Mia Bhatti

    Mia Bhatti

    Lovely little pack of wool suitable for knitting.🥰

  25. Avatar Of Aadhira Bhatt

    aadhira bhatt

    Nice little packed purchased for my little one who is into knitting and crochet.👍

  26. Avatar Of Riya Ali

    Riya Ali

    Fast delivery, best customer service, superb quality products and gorgeous shades. 🥰

  27. Avatar Of Ishani Bava

    Ishani Bava

    Yarn is so soft and easy to use.

  28. Avatar Of Prisha Chouhan

    prisha chouhan

    I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.😁 Love their product selection and the wide variety of shades they are having.🔥

  29. Avatar Of Sri Andra

    Sri Andra

    I have never crocheted before and it was my first experience which was very fascinating.😻

  30. Avatar Of Surili Shah

    surili shah

    If you want to buy premium quality yarns and wools, then do visit this website. Abc wools have a great selection of yarns and wools and they have accessories also. 💯✨

  31. Avatar Of Ravi Bajaj

    Ravi Bajaj

    Really good product for people who are just starting to learn crochet.👌✨

  32. Avatar Of Pari Bhalla

    Pari Bhalla

    Had some great colours to mix and match. 😍They have a very beautiful range of colours that look very radiant.❣

  33. Avatar Of Rajesh


    I bought this yarn for my mother. I must say nice packaging and super fast delivery too.💯

  34. Avatar Of Maira Chad

    Maira chad

    My parcel arrived on time and was very happy with the delivery. It was delivered in just the right condition. I will definitely place another one.🔥❣

  35. Avatar Of Trisha Chada

    Trisha chada

    The yarn balls are small so buy at least buy 2 balls if you are working on a large project.☺☺

  36. Avatar Of Pihu


    The quality product is being sold by quality merchants.🙌🥰

  37. Avatar Of Aarohi Apte

    Aarohi apte

    Very high-quality yarn and I always prefer cotton yarns.

  38. Avatar Of Sana Buch

    Sana buch

    Overall a good value for money and wide range of colors also.👌

  39. Avatar Of Diya Solanki

    Diya Solanki

    A true value for money. The products at abcwools are at very affordable rates.💥

  40. Avatar Of Sarah


    Amazing choice of colors.👍

  41. Avatar Of Tania Chahal

    Tania chahal

    As I am new to knitting and crochet, I wanted to buy some yarn that would be easy to use. This ball of 8 ply seems perfect. 😀🔥

  42. Avatar Of Saanvi Khushwah

    Saanvi Khushwah

    The color is very tempting and vibrant.

  43. Avatar Of Anvi Channa

    anvi channa

    Colors are vibrant and fun.🔥

  44. Avatar Of Aarya Ahuja

    Aarya ahuja

    Excellent value for money. They sell products at very cheap prices which anyone can afford.🙌💥

  45. Avatar Of Vrinda


    My first project ended up being with this premium 8 ply ball which was excellent.

  46. Avatar Of Anjani Sheetal

    Anjani sheetal

    The shades displayed on the website are so decent and how well and perfectly they have displayed it on their website. 😍😍

  47. Avatar Of Kiara Khan

    Kiara Khan

    Perfect product for beginners. One should definitely give it a shot.💫

  48. Avatar Of Bhavika Lunawat

    Bhavika Lunawat

    If you are to work on big projects, I recommend you to visit abc wools as they have very tempting shades.😻🙌

  49. Avatar Of Fatima Khan

    Fatima khan

    Abc wools deliver all over India and have the fastest delivery service.💖

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