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Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn - 120gms

(63 customer reviews)

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Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA039) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0I044) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA041) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA034) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA021) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA014) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA012) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA006) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA017) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA038) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA033) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA001) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA043) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA042) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA037) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA036) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA031) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA030) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA027) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA026) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA025) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA020) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA019) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA018) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA016) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA015) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA009) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA008) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA005) – 120gms


Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn (O0IA003) – 120gms


Technical Specifications for Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn :

  • Composition:  Acrylic Multi Colour Yarn
  • Weight: 120gms (1 Unit of this product contains 2 Hanks of 60 grams each)
  • Length: Approx 140 meters (For 1 Hank) | Approx 280 meters (For 2 Hanks)
  • Ply: 3 ply
  • Needle Size:  3.25mm – 4mm
  • Hook Size:  3mm – 4.5mm
  • Use for – Baby dresses, sweaters, ponchos, socks, scarf, skirts, gloves, etc.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
  • 7 Days Product Exchanges with ABCwools – India’s #1 Online Yarn Store

Abc Wools Oswal Wool Yarn Authenticity Certificate Oswal With Frame Abc Wools

Description for Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn :

Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn is environmentally preferable as compared to petroleum-based nylon or polypropylene as a material for carpets, as well, in particular when combined with a natural binding and the use of formaldehyde-free glues. You can buy yarn online in India with ABC Wools.

In addition to clothing, Oswal Micro Rangoli wool has been used for knitting blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, insulation, and upholstery. This wool can be blended with any number of natural or synthetic fibers, and various finishes and treatments can also be applied. This particular wool yarn product is machine washable, too, so you won’t need to go out of your way to look after your new wool knits!

With Oswal Micro Rangoli knitting yarn you can make a crochet scarf in India from scratch, craft a crochet cardigan in India, tailor a tea cozy; they are hundreds and hundreds of designs to choose from, yarn balls, and branded materials as such in one way.

Beautiful fiber-rich yarns in an array of colors to inspire knitters and crocheters and patterns designed to help you decorate your life! Oswal Micro Rangoli knitting and crocheting yarn is a category leader of hand knitting yarns with its high-quality classic & fashionable yarns.

When you are going to start your journey by weaving, you will recognize the soft texture and the brand itself naming Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn. You will be impressed by the color combinations you will choose and you will choose Oswal for all your further knitting and crocheting projects as such in one way.


Reviews (63)

63 reviews for Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn – 120gms

  1. Avatar Of Rajdeep Kaur

    Rajdeep Kaur

    Best wool. Best colour. Thank You So much for best Quality.

  2. Avatar Of Gunjan Saxena

    Gunjan Saxena

    This was available at a great price so I bought it. The quality matters and it remained on the top of the notch. I was looking for thicker yarn to make a chunky winter scarf for my brother. This was perfect. It was easy to work with, super soft, and has been holding up well. My brother loved it anyway and I’m also happy. This yarn is great! I’ve made several items with it before. My next project will be a crochet cardigan. It holds up well and doesn’t get pill. This may be the nicest yarn I’ve ever worked with. I am not the best crocheter but everyone who sees the blanket I made thinks its store bought. The yarn is soft and very lush. I would definitely buy it.

  3. Avatar Of Banhi Kapadia

    banhi kapadia

    The quality is great

  4. Avatar Of Ridhi Bansal

    ridhi bansal

    Nice yarn. Colors are bright. Price is right. . I’m very happy with this purchase

  5. Avatar Of Haimi


    Great yarn, as a beginner I feel its very soft and easy to use especially for amigurumis.

  6. Avatar Of Shanta Gupta

    shanta gupta

    I was so excited to see this. Gorgeous colors, so many skeins for a really great price. Thank you.

  7. Avatar Of Archana Ramachandran

    archana ramachandran

    I absolutely love this yarn. I’m a beginner knitter and tend to knit too tightly at times. The elasticity in this yarn is awesome for that, and my projects still looks great. I will be ordering this yarn again soon.

  8. Avatar Of Anushka Dadich

    anushka dadich

    Love all the colors in one order. Very pleased with this purchase. Thank you from a happy customer!

  9. Avatar Of Sumanti Issac

    sumanti issac

    With all the beautiful colors to work with, I can create all sorts of kitchen items, crochet animals and “you name it” this product is perfect for it

  10. Avatar Of Nalini Samra

    nalini samra

    Strong, beautiful colors, nice thickness

  11. Avatar Of Mukta Gaba

    mukta gaba

    The yarn bundle was delivered the very next day. It was nicely packaged and looks like good quality yarn.

  12. Avatar Of Doctor Richa

    doctor richa

    I’ve got this to my daughter.she loves it. Great quality and nice colors. Thank you

  13. Avatar Of Pratima Raval

    pratima raval

    I love it and am teaching myself how to loom knit. This is a very good product and the price was good

  14. Avatar Of Dipa Koshy

    dipa koshy

    Yarn is very easy to use

  15. Avatar Of Vritika Mehan

    vritika mehan

    Wonderfully soft, colors are very vibrant

  16. Avatar Of Pratima Vala

    pratima vala

    I’m a beginner and I really like the colors and how soft the yarn is.

  17. Avatar Of Kashika Rai

    kashika rai

    Great quality! Loved it for the project I did!

  18. Avatar Of Minakshi Aggawal

    minakshi aggawal

    This was a great gift for my adult niece starting new to the craft. Super fast shipping. Thanks!

  19. Avatar Of Kajal Ansari

    Kajal Ansari

    It’s my favourite colour. A Big Thank you to ABCWools. I’m extremely happy. I have no words to express my happiness. I love it.

  20. Avatar Of Kalini Vaidya

    kalini vaidya

    Great to have so many colors on hand. Thank you!

  21. Avatar Of Kamala Soni

    kamala soni

    I like the variety of colors

  22. Avatar Of Lakshmi Garde

    lakshmi garde

    Good yarn with bright colors, geart!

  23. Avatar Of Shweta Johal

    shweta johal

    Very good quality, I bought this set to crotchet with because I needed a hobby for the lock down

  24. Avatar Of Mitra Babu

    mitra babu

    I haven’t used it yet working on another project but I live the colors and the feel of it is very nice. I would recommend

  25. Avatar Of Rani Dhillon

    rani dhillon

    This yarn is great for baby and amigurumi
    This is my second order for this yarn

  26. Avatar Of Swati Kaur

    swati kaur

    I made sweater from Oswal micro rangoli, turned out to be beautiful and comfy.

  27. Avatar Of Durga Chadha

    durga chadha

    They offered a variety of colors that appealed to everyone!

  28. Avatar Of Alisha Mahal

    alisha mahal

    Amazing product durable for a beginner… Love it..

  29. Avatar Of Shaheen Khanam

    Shaheen Khanam

    Good and thanks.

  30. Avatar Of Devina Rege

    devina rege

    Exactly what I needed for the project I’m working on

  31. Avatar Of Vasuda Bajwa

    vasuda bajwa

    My son loved this yarn and has used quite a bit of it. Nice value for the amount you get, lovely colors.

  32. Avatar Of Asmita Hada

    asmita hada

    I love the colors in this package. Great value for money and wonderful softness

  33. Avatar Of Majusha Contractor

    majusha contractor

    Pretty colors, however the quality if yarn is not great. Better for craft projects.

  34. Avatar Of Mina Subramanian

    mina subramanian

    This is great for starting out, hives you so many color options and the amount of yarn is enough for my little projects

  35. Avatar Of Vasudha Sankar

    vasudha sankar

    Easy to use with the smallest hook!

  36. Avatar Of Ujjwal Parihar

    ujjwal parihar

    I bought this pack for the colors it offered. They are exactly like pictured. The softness is there too. I would recommend this pack.

  37. Avatar Of Akanshi Desai

    Akanshi desai

    If you are looking for a multicolor🟪🟩 wool yarn this is for you. You can just go for it without any second thought. And any compromise in quality is not being done here.

  38. Avatar Of Santosh Jhanwar

    Santosh Jhanwar

    Nice.. Lovely collection with best quality

  39. Avatar Of Lata Sant

    lata sant

    Love the multicolored pack. Soft material

  40. Avatar Of Sanjana Kadakia

    sanjana kadakia

    I used this product for scarves and plan to use it for afgans but I plan to order more of your product

  41. Avatar Of Ahmed Qureshi

    Ahmed qureshi

    ABCwools are providing some decent wool yarn at a great price. You can just consider any wool yarn from here. Also, you can get a good discount if you at purchasing in a bundle.

  42. Avatar Of Priti Dhingra

    priti dhingra

    Good yarn to work with. Great colors

  43. Avatar Of Indira Balan

    indira balan

    This was a gift for my mother and Id have to say that cost is a little high for small rolls of yarn but she loves it. It’s nice and soft and easy to work with. It arrived promptly and nicely packaged. I’d definitely purchase for her again

  44. Avatar Of Karanjeet Kaur

    Karanjeet Kaur

    Mērē māpē guṇa pasada karadē hana. Tuhāḍā dhanavāda. Amritasara tōṁ pyar.

  45. Avatar Of Nalini Dani

    nalini dani

    Awesome selection. Making a Caterpillar, this worked out great for two of them for baby shower gifts, of course with the Hungry Caterpillar book

  46. Avatar Of Kangana Veera

    Kangana veera

    I made a scarf with micro rangoli yarn and it looks good, to be honest. The colours are authentic and purely classy. It is a really good product.

  47. Avatar Of Majhula Bhandari

    majhula bhandari

    This is very easy yarn for beginners – like me! The yarn does not split and lends itself to using smaller needle

  48. Avatar Of Maya Kari

    maya kari

    Everything was in clean, new condition

  49. Avatar Of Adha Dua

    adha dua

    the colours are beautiful and you get a great variety with this bundle

  50. Avatar Of Dipali Basu

    dipali basu

    I having been looking for some time for these colors and quality. Thank you very much

  51. Avatar Of Bhawna Bhati

    bhawna bhati

    so faast delivery , loved it

  52. Avatar Of Anima Bajaj

    anima bajaj

    Great for starters and big projects. super soft and easy to work with

  53. Avatar Of Rekha Panwar

    rekha panwar

    Nice sized skeins for small projects.

  54. Avatar Of Sadhika


    Good selection of vibrant colors. Skeins larger than expected. Great value for projects instead of buying all separately

  55. Avatar Of Arudati Tandon

    arudati tandon

    I loved the pack! The yarn is soft easy to use and gorgeous colors!!!

  56. Avatar Of Navya Soni

    navya soni

    Great and speedy service from the sellers

  57. Avatar Of Meenakshi Rathore

    meenakshi rathore

    Great product, easy to work with!

  58. Avatar Of Hama Natt

    hama natt

    The colors are beautiful and the quality is wonderful.

  59. Avatar Of Vini Doyal

    vini doyal

    I love these yarns. Easy for beginner crochet. Won’t split in the middle. Even my 8 year old daughter can crochet with it. I will buy them again.

  60. Avatar Of Kamala Soni

    kamala soni

    I like the softness and it looks; and the varieties of colours available. The price wasn’t too costly. I also liked how fast it got here. I ordered Oswal micro rangoli wool yarn from abcwools and I strongly recommed you all to buy it.🌼

  61. Avatar Of Bhawna Bhati

    bhawna bhati

    I bought Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn and I liked the variety of colors. I also liked that the yarn was not too thick or thin. I purchased this for a classroom project and it was plenty of yarn for the whole class.Thank you ABCwools for this amazing product.

  62. Avatar Of Pournima Bedarkar

    Pournima Bedarkar

    The quantity of Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn is very much and it is not as expensive and it is at other sites. I received my package today and the quality is really amazing.Gotta say it ABCwools has got amazing economical products. Made this muffler and look how beautiful it looks 💖

  63. Avatar Of Charmaine Kolwalkar

    charmaine kolwalkar

    Amazing stuff. I get what I exactly want and at reasonable prices. Delivery too excellent. ABC wools 👍

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