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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn - 150grms

(47 customer reviews)
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Yellow Brown Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E016) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Black Brown Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E015) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | White Red Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E012) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | White Red Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E011) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Red Green Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E010) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Yellow Brown Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E009) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | White blue Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E007) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Red White Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E004) – 150grms

Oswal Magic Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | White Brown Yarn
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn (O0E003) – 150grms


Technical Specifications for Oswal Magic Wool Yarn:

  • Composition: 100% Acrylic
  • Yarn Weight: Worsted
  • Ply: 2 ply (similar to 10 ply)
  • Length: 210metres (Approx)
  • Needles Size: 5mm – 7mm
  • Hooks Size: 6mm – 7.5mm
  • Weight: 150 Grams
  • Buy sufficient as the exact shade might/might not be available later.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
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Oswal Magic Wool Yarn is a self-striping yarn with good weight. Oswal magic yarn is a worsted two-ply 100 % acrylic soft yarn with ten plies in thickness coming in lovely shades to satisfy your color needs in wool projects. Oswal magic wool yarn has kicked up a notch because the two threads of the yarn are dyed separately and then twisted into a crazy blend. The outstanding result is an individual, multicolored pattern with a bold, colorful design yarn. Items made up of this yarn could be laundered through the utilization of water, detergent, or soap and delicate hand manipulation; no bleach product should be used.



  • Oswal 100% acrylic yarn is astounding for your knitting projects and comes in colors that are great for crocheting small patterns.
  • It creates a lightweight, flexible fabric that works well with lace stitches and can be worked with a 3 mm to 3.5 mm needle. A suitable choice for winter accessories like a cardigan, scarf, beret, etc.
  • Oswal 2ply 100% acrylic multicolor yarns are delicate and flexible, ideal for home decorations, warm climate tops and different frill for the entire year of satisfying knitting and crocheting.
  • Acrylic’s colorfastness, durability, and machine wash-ability make it the right choice.
  • Crochet brightly cultured beautiful patterns without any strain of adjusting balls, and knit up trendy scarves perfect for all occasions.

You can get a wide range of colors for all Vardhman Wool, Oswal Wool, Ganga Yarn & Cotton Wool in India at ABC Wools. You can now also get a wide range of colors for Macrame, Vardhman Baby Soft & Vardhman Micro Shine.

Reviews (47)

47 reviews for Oswal Magic Wool Yarn – 150grms

  1. Avatar Of Tanya Solanki

    Tanya Solanki

    Amazing services, a wonderful range of products, a wide variety of colors to choose from and at a very reasonable price and I must say fast delivery also. Thank you abcwools. ☺🥰

  2. Avatar Of Neena Kaur

    neena kaur

    The display of the website is so appealing and catchy and there are so many incredible colors and an impressive product range. One should definitely have a look at the website.🤗❣

  3. Avatar Of Shalini Shah

    Shalini shah

    Nice choice of yarn for beginners working on small projects. Very radiant colors and very soft to work with.✨💫

  4. Avatar Of Niharika Kapur

    niharika kapur

    One nice thing about abcwools is that if you are purchasing in a bulk quantity they give pretty good discounts.☺☺

  5. Avatar Of Ishana


    I gifted this yarn to my mother. The prices were affordable and the colors are also very much decent. She loved it. The yarn is very soft and easy to work with. It was delivered on time and was neatly packed.😻💯

  6. Avatar Of Jaya Dayya

    Jaya dayya

    I made a scarf and a blanket from Oswal magic wool yarn and it looked gorgeous as the colors were very decent and natural. Would definitely purchase again.🔥

  7. Avatar Of Darpita Savant

    Darpita Savant

    Received my parcel yesterday only the shades are as per the picture shown on the website. Have purchased several yarns from this website and going to purchase some more ☺👌

  8. Avatar Of Divya


    So beautiful shades and excellent customer service. I will surely suggest my friends and family members too.💖💖

  9. Avatar Of Anandita Nanda

    Anandita Nanda

    I made gloves with Oswal magic wool yarn and it worked so well and turned out to be pretty great.🤩🤩

  10. Avatar Of Charu Raj

    Charu Raj

    They have such lovely colors and I have purchased all the yarns from abcwools only and never got a chance to complain.✌🤗

  11. Avatar Of Anjali Rai

    Anjali Rai

    My first experience was very wonderful as I never buy products online but due to covid I purchased from this website and I do not regret.🤩💖

  12. Avatar Of Devika Sani

    Devika Sani

    Abcwools have so easy return policy and fast delivery also. I received the wrong shade and they handled my complaint so patiently and politely. I love to purchase from abcwools.🌟💥

  13. Avatar Of Diljeet Kaur

    Diljeet Kaur

    I knitted a sweater for my daughter from Oswal magic wool yarn and it turned out to be so beautiful and soft and she also loved it. Thank you abcwools.💞✌

  14. Avatar Of Chaitanya Singh

    Chaitanya Singh

    I have not started working with the yarns but I feel it will turn it something beautiful only. Will share the picture once done.✌☺

  15. Avatar Of Anju Lunawat

    Anju lunawat

    I love to buy yarns from abc wools and also recommended others too as they have very terrific shades and so outstanding range of products. One would never regret buying from this website. They deliver all over India and have the fastest delivery.💫💥

  16. Avatar Of Bhavika Shrimali

    Bhavika Shrimali

    I have no words to describe how happy I was when I received my parcel. The colors are so natural and the material is also very soft.🥰🥰

  17. Avatar Of Yukta Chouhan

    Yukta Chouhan

    As I am a beginner and just getting to learn knitting and crochet the Oswal magic wool yarn was a nice choice to start with as it is very easy to work with.

  18. Avatar Of Kaira Khanna

    Kaira khanna

    The colors are so stunning and the quality is also very fantastic and so soft material.

  19. Avatar Of Jannat


    I ordered for the first time and the shade was exactly as shown in the picture and the material is soft too.🥰

  20. Avatar Of Amulya Prabhu

    Amulya Prabhu

    The wools are good value for money. Very much ideal for making caps, socks, gloves etc.🤩

  21. Avatar Of Saanvi Kapoor

    Saanvi Kapoor

    It was really a superb gift for my friend as she loves knitting and it was her birthday so I was quite scared that the parcel might get delayed but it was delivered before time. Thank you abcwools for such fast delivery.😻😻

  22. Avatar Of Zoya Ali

    Zoya Ali

    They have so wonderful shades. I made a blanket from the Oswal magic wool yarn and it turned out to be so beautiful. I shared the pictures with them and they posted it on their page on Instagram. Thank you so much abcwools.

  23. Avatar Of Parul Chopra

    Parul chopra

    Abcwools have really very fast delivery and the wool I ordered was also very nice. My next order is on the way.😁😍

  24. Avatar Of Harshita Jedia

    Harshita jedia

    I made a cap and a scarf for my daughter and she really loved it and said that I too want to learn knitting and crochet. Thank you abcwools. ☺❣

  25. Avatar Of Kritika Khurana

    Kritika khurana

    I must say that this website is worth the visit. They have so tempting colours and so many products that you will get confused about what to purchase and what not to purchase. 😁✌

  26. Avatar Of Misty Panwar

    Misty panwar

    So delightful shades and textures. The appearance of the website is also very amazing. You can easily locate what you want to purchase.🥰

  27. Avatar Of Priya Singh

    Priya Singh

    I made a cap and a blanket for my kid and he was really happy with it. Thank you abcwools for such superb yarns. ☺

  28. Avatar Of Ravina


    Best website for quality products at amazing discounted prices and they have the best collection of products and colors too.☺☺

  29. Avatar Of Dipti Verma

    Dipti verma

    So gorgeous shades they have that one cannot stop from buying them. 💕❣

  30. Avatar Of Innaya Shah

    Innaya Shah

    My order was delivered within 3 days and was packed so nicely. I must say abcwools have very fast delivery.🔥🔥

  31. Avatar Of Preeti Khanna

    Preeti Khanna

    I started my project with yarns for the first time and this Oswal magic wool yarn is so easy to work with. It is also very soft and handy.💯🔥

  32. Avatar Of Bhakti Sharma

    Bhakti sharma

    You can end up making a beautiful project with the tempting shades they have which are of so nice quality.😊😉

  33. Avatar Of Rajul Chundawat

    Rajul Chundawat

    Abcwools provide quality products at a very reasonable price. The services are also very good.🤩🤩

  34. Avatar Of Rani Mishra

    Rani Mishra

    The products are a great value for money. Very vibrant shades and the yarns are also very soft.😉

  35. Avatar Of Lavina Rajawat

    Lavina Rajawat

    Awesome quality wools at so affordable prices. They have a variety of colors and a wide range of products.💯

  36. Avatar Of Shilpa Kumari

    Shilpa Kumari

    When I visited this website I was amazed by the display of the website. Everything is so nicely visible that you can easily figure out what you are looking for.❤❤

  37. Avatar Of Ranu


    An amazing website for all your crochet and knitting requirements. They also have knitting accessories and offer a very fabulous range of colors and a very wide variety of products.✌

  38. Avatar Of Khushi Shah

    Khushi Shah

    My order came yesterday only and I was very happy with my purchase. The wool I ordered was very soft and the color was so natural. The quality was also very good.👍

  39. Avatar Of Amrit Kaur

    Amrit kaur

    Overall the products are good but there may be a slight variation in the color so do purchase in an extra quantity.💞🤗

  40. Avatar Of Reetu Meher

    Reetu Meher

    I ordered wool from abcwools. It was my first purchase from this website and to be honest my first experience was damn amazing. I will continue purchasing from this website only. Thank you abcwools.🔥🔥

  41. Avatar Of Sejal Kumar

    Sejal Kumar

    I am a beginner at knitting and crochet and learning to knit socks from my grandmother. She purchased the yarn from this website for me and I was surprised looking at the color and softness of this yarn. I will also purchase from abcwools only once I learn knitting.😊💞

  42. Avatar Of Mishika Singh

    Mishika Singh

    I made a blanket from this yarn and it turned out to be really soft and good. The wool holds up well and was very easy to work with.🥰

  43. Avatar Of Shreya Gupta

    Shreya Gupta

    I purchased a yarn from this website. It is so easy to work with and the quality is also very good.❣🤗

  44. Avatar Of Pranjul


    I gifted this yarn to my grandmother and she just loved the color and its softness. A perfect gift to give.

  45. Avatar Of Pooja Verma

    Pooja Verma

    The wool is soo soft and the quality is also very good. A good choice to start with your woollen projects.🤩🤩

  46. Avatar Of Manishi Bist

    Manishi Bist

    I knitted a woollen cap from Oswal magic wool yarn and it looked so pretty. I just love the variety of colors at abcwools.❤

  47. Avatar Of Kriya Kapoor

    Kriya Kapoor

    The Oswal magic wool yarn was available at a low price so I ordered in bulk and the colors are so beautiful that you can’t stop yourself from buying these amazing shades at such low prices.👌🥰

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