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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn - 110gms

(56 customer reviews)
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Brown Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA057) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Green Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA053) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Black Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA020) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Red Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA016) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA009) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA002) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | White Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA003) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Purple Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA045) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Dark Pink Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA040) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Green Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA030) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Green Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA026) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Grey Green Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA022) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Brown Yarn
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA014) – 110gms

Oswal Martina Wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Mustard Brown
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Oswal Martina Wool Yarn (O0GA005) – 110gms


Technical Specifications for Oswal Martina Wool Yarn:

  • Composition:  Acrylic
  • Weight: 110gms (1 Unit of this product contains 2 Hanks of 55grams each)
  • Length: 253 Meters
  • Ply:  3 Ply
  • Needle size:  3.75 mm – 4 mm
  • Hook size:  3.5 mm – 4.5 mm
  • Use for – Sweaters, mufflers, scarfs, caps, ponchos, socks, gloves, hats, etc.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
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Abc Wools Oswal Wool Yarn Authenticity Certificate Oswal With Frame Abc Wools

Description for Oswal Martina Wool Yarn:

Oswal Martina wool yarn comes in beautiful subtle solid shades with a pinch of shine. It helps your piece look more vibrant and trendy, giving an effect of shiny and silky finish yarn without actually struggling with the slippery hard to handle silk yarns, making the entire process hassle-free for you.

This yarn is composed of 3- ply acrylic. Oswal Martina Wool Yarn can be used in making of sweaters, mufflers, scarfs, caps, ponchos, socks, gloves, hats, etc. as it will give an elegant look to the final product.

If you are purchasing Vardhman Lamb Hair Wool Yarn, you have to put the following things in mind:

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Reshape while wet
  • Wash only in lukewarm water up to 30 deg C.

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Reviews (56)

56 reviews for Oswal Martina Wool Yarn – 110gms

  1. Avatar Of Karan Bhati

    Karan Bhati

    Brilliant service. Fast and good quality yarn. Took a photo of my sweater, which took almost a half year: probably 6 months. I wanted it and they made it perfectly and fit like a glove. Highly recommend. High quality and look great. I’ll be going back again soon. Awesome service and very professional. Staffs were friendly and meet our request. Worth every money spent here. Then it was down to business as the guys helped me meticulously with the pictures I have been provided. This establishment was recommended to me and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended!

  2. Avatar Of Jaya Khurana

    Jaya Khurana

    Soft wool for making scarfs. I purchased and made a little scarf with this. It is so good that it doesn’t even feel in the skin. The wool is so soft. It is a very good product. Satisfied purchase.

  3. Avatar Of Kamya Pnujabi

    kamya pnujabi

    I loved the pack! The yarn is soft easy to use and gorgeous colors!!!

  4. Avatar Of Kusha Malik

    kusha malik

    The colours are vibrant and I like them very much. I ordered the cream and green colour of this yarn, I thought the combination would look great for socks. And it came out to be wonderful.😍

  5. Avatar Of Devika Malhotra

    devika malhotra

    Excellent wool pack, colours are vibrant and a good selection. Customer service is excellent.

  6. Avatar Of Priyanka Gandhi

    priyanka gandhi

    Fantastic quality thank you, I decided to start crocheting and this was amazing I am half way through making my granny blanket and will be buying more packs thank you again

  7. Avatar Of Smita Bhttachrjee

    smita bhttachrjee

    The colors are very beautiful and vibrant.

  8. Avatar Of Gudiya Kumari

    Gudiya Kumari

    Nice. Love to work with.

  9. Avatar Of Erika Fernandes

    erika fernandes

    I like this yarn ,
    and the colors go well together. This is what was described – yippee!

  10. Avatar Of Simran Tiwari

    Simran Tiwari

    I’m a teenager pursuing my final year in home science. Like people opt for baking classes, drawing classes, cooking classes, etc. I developed my interest in knitting. I have seen my mom knitting and crocheting several times and I use to stare her like anything else. So after my finals, I would like to pursue knitting as a hobby and crocheting later on too. As I was surfing the net, I got to know about ABC wools. I was glad to see their Vardhman and Oswal brands there. I got what I needed and I’m happy. Very good products, good quality, very fast delivery speed, very satisfied.

  11. Avatar Of Draksha Khudaniya

    draksha khudaniya

    Great value. Work well for my needs. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

  12. Avatar Of Varshika Sankhla

    varshika sankhla

    I love the softness and ease of crocheting with this yarn.

  13. Avatar Of Palak


    Great quality yarn, loved them! ABC Wools sells excellent quality wool. I created tons a things from it! Quantity is additionally satisfied , totally worth the amount! Color is same as description.

  14. Avatar Of Erika Fernandes

    erika fernandes

    The yarns are soft, very good price for beginners!

  15. Avatar Of Arundhati Boruah

    arundhati boruah

    Love the feel of the thread..Great quality…

  16. Avatar Of Shweta Gohil

    shweta gohil

    Love the multicolored pack. Soft material

  17. Avatar Of Devyani


    Love the feel of the thread..Great quality…

  18. Avatar Of Pooja


    I really like the standard and softness and the color I ordered is very beautiful and vibrant .I had ordered the shade O0G040 . If you want soft and vibrant color yarn then buy with without thinking twice. Trust me its so awesome.

  19. Avatar Of Meenakshi Bishth

    meenakshi bishth

    I am a beginner and I love the assortment of colors and it’s a great value for the money..

  20. Avatar Of Simranjeet


    The wool is extremely genuine and colours are also perfect. Proud of the purchase . Happy to get it delivered sitting at home at such critical times.

  21. Avatar Of Riya


    I loved the standard and color is similar to what is shown. Perfect for creating tapestry crochet bag . Extremely happy

  22. Avatar Of Anita


    Exactly what I needed! It’s soft, it is easy to try to my needle work and that i am comfortable with it. Awesome product…my mother also liked it.

  23. Avatar Of Juhi Sesani

    juhi sesani

    I having been looking for some time for these colors and quality. Thank you very much.

  24. Avatar Of Alka


    Product absolutely as described, prompt delivery and great product quality.

  25. Avatar Of Deepika


    The fabric is extremely soft and of excellent quality. It’s exactly just like the picture and honestly, it is better than what i expected. It’s an excellent material for crocheting.

  26. Avatar Of Jayesha P

    Jayesha P

    I made a muffler from Martina wool yarn. It is good and the colour is fantastic. It is highly recommended to purchase this wool yarn if you ate about to buying wool for your new sweater.

  27. Avatar Of Kajal


    Good feel n good to stitch have made a sweater for my daughter from it

  28. Avatar Of Udit Mathur

    udit mathur

    Fast delivery, lovely colours, cant wait to use them.

  29. Avatar Of Karishma Parkar

    karishma parkar

    Tightly woven yarn, that is extremely soft!! I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it for the price but did not disappoint!

  30. Avatar Of Rani Mehta

    rani mehta

    Ideal size and colours and very good value for money.

  31. Avatar Of Chhavi Gypta

    chhavi gypta

    Strong, beautiful colors, nice thickness

  32. Avatar Of Sunita Yadav

    sunita yadav

    I bought this yarn assortment for my granddaughter and she was pleased with the yarn. Thank you.

  33. Avatar Of Shikha


    Loved the color and quality of the wool. Made muffler with dark green oswal martina wool. 😍

  34. Avatar Of Mamta Shandilya

    Mamta Shandilya

    I truly appreciate the ABC wools website to promote and display Vardhman and Oswal range of highly rated companies for their super handy yarn and machine washable quality.

  35. Avatar Of Neerja Yadav

    neerja yadav

    Great yarn, as a beginner I feel its very soft and easy to use especially for amigurumis.

  36. Avatar Of Kiara


    Nice yarn. Colors are bright. Price is right. T

  37. Avatar Of Sunaina Setia

    sunaina setia

    I purchased these for my mother in law. She loved the vibrant colors and was impressed with the quality.

  38. Avatar Of Neha


    Very nice nd Soft , loved by my mother in law. Price is also very reasonable. I will again buy from here in future. Superb!!

  39. Avatar Of Hema Singhvi

    hema singhvi

    Love the softness and brilliant colors. A bargain for anyone.

  40. Avatar Of Vanita Sen

    vanita sen

    I’ve got this to my daughter.she loves it. Great quality and nice colors. Thank you

  41. Avatar Of Manju


    Excellent quality. Original Oswal company. Very excited to undertake it for my crochet projects.😊

  42. Avatar Of Priyanka Das

    Priyanka das

    Great delivery.✌ I got the Martina wool yarn within 24 hours. This is an exceptionally quick service.

  43. Avatar Of Priyanka Gandhi

    priyanka gandhi

    Yarn is so expensive now a days. This is a deal and colors are great.

  44. Avatar Of Shivanya


    Lovely bright colours. We only use it for crafting but it is absolutely perfect!

  45. Avatar Of Anita Kenue

    anita kenue

    With all the beautiful colors to work with, I can create all sorts of kitchen items, crochet animals and “you name it” this product is perfect for it.

  46. Avatar Of Deepika Sharma

    deepika sharma

    Love this color . I made a winter hat from the yarn around 9 inches height and will make more hats with different designs.

  47. Avatar Of Rajul Rajotya

    rajul rajotya

    I’m very happy with my Martina Yarn . Great quality, beautiful colors and fast delivery. I already started making amigurami, this Oswal Martina Yarn is awesome. Thank you ABC Wools for this 🙂

  48. Avatar Of Ankita


    The product was in perfect condition and as described within the product information, neatly packed and promptly delivered. Highly recommended to buy from ABC Wools. My purchase was Oswal Martina Yarn. Amazing for knitting.

  49. Avatar Of Sania


    Oswal Martina wool is worth every penny. It comes in a good cover and also the wool is soft and excellent for beanies, scarfs etc. It’s baby soft wool good for Amigurumi too. You’ll require a 4mm needle for this one .I made a beanie of this wool of shade O0G002 and O0G009! It’s amazing for any project and for beginners this is often best because the wool doesn’t knot up and really comfortable to form anything you want! I am really impressed by ABC Wools‘ service.

  50. Avatar Of Reet


    Very soft yarn. Quality better than expected. Color same as in the picture.Will definitely recommend to buy Oswal Martina Yarn from ABC Wools. Loved it. 🌈🙏🏻

  51. Avatar Of Muskan Joshi

    muskan joshi

    It’s same as shown within the picture of Oswal Martina Yarn…. just love the colour … Super soft wool… top quality wool.. incredibly purchase… thank you ABCWools☺️☺️☺️☺️

  52. Avatar Of Sania


    The product is as exactly as shown in picture on ABC Wools‘s website, it’s good for beginners in crochet because it is martina yarn, love the colour and services! Will definitely recommend others to buy from here.

  53. Avatar Of Reeta


    I got Oswal Martina Wool Yarn and the wool quality is great , soft to the touch , and light. Color is strictly as depicted within the image. Overall, it is a pretty nice deal to me. ABC Wools saved my precious time in this weird situation.

  54. Avatar Of Astha


    The package was delivered bang on time. Very neatly packed. Perfect color. Bought Oswal Martina Wool Yarn for my ponchos work project and crochet. Thank you ABC Wools.

  55. Avatar Of Luxmi


    Oswal Martina Wool Yarn is a great quality’s product. Value for money. Delivered well in time. Vast choice of colours available. Saved my time from searching in the market during these critical situations. All credits to ABC Wools

  56. Avatar Of Payal


    I bought Oswal Martina Wool Yarn and got a satisfactory product. Just loved it. Packaging was good. Excellent quality thread. Good colour options available. Happy to shop at ABC Wools .

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