What to Do with Leftover Yarn Scraps?

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Discover creative and practical ideas for using up those leftover yarn scraps. From cozy crafts to colorful projects, find inspiration on what to do with leftover yarn scraps and make the most of your knitting and crocheting adventures. Explore our tips and tricks today!

Every passionate yarn enthusiast knows the joy of working on a new project, from cozy sweaters to intricate shawls, but what often remains after each endeavor are those seemingly insignificant leftover yarn scraps.

These scraps may be small, but they hold immense potential. In this blog post,we’ll explore why you should use those yarn scraps and provide creative ideas for turning them into beautiful and useful creations. ABC Wools, India’s best online yarn store, supports your creative endeavors by offering a range of yarns, including Vardhman and Oswal wools, at the best prices with free shipping across India.

Why Should You Use Those Scraps?

1.      Sustainability: Reducing waste is an important part of living sustainably. By using your leftover yarn scraps, you contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, minimizing the need for new materials.

2.      Cost-Efficiency: Yarn can be an investment, and making the most of every bit of it ensures you get the best value for your money. Why buy new yarn when you have perfectly good scraps to use?

3.      Creativity: Limitations often breed creativity. Working with yarn scraps challenges your creativity, encouraging you to think outside the box and come up with unique projects.

What You Can Make with Your Yarn Scraps

1.      Granny Square Blanket: Granny squares are an excellent way to combine various colors and textures of yarn scraps. Over time, you can create a stunning and colorful blanket that tells a story of your past projects.

2.      Amigurumi: Small crochet creatures and stuffed animals, known as amigurumi, are perfect for using up yarn scraps. You can experiment with different colors to create charming characters.

3.      Scrap Yarn Scrunchies: Transform your yarn scraps into stylish and colorful scrunchies. They’re quick to make and can be great additions to your wardrobe or thoughtful gifts for friends.

4.      Tiny Accessories: Consider making small accessories like keychains, coin purses, or even coasters. These projects are manageable with limited yarn and are perfect for practicing new techniques.

5.      Scrap Yarn Pom-Poms: Adding pom-poms to hats, scarves, and other items is a fun way to use up those scraps. They can be attached to the corners of shawls or the tops of beanies for a playful touch.

6.      Striped Socks or Mittens: Combine different yarn scraps to create unique striped patterns on your socks or mittens. This not only saves yarn but also results in charming, one-of-a-kind pieces.

7.      Yarn-Wrapped Bottles or Jars: Add a touch of creativity to your home decor by wrapping glass bottles or jars with colorful yarn scraps. They make for eye-catching vases, candle holders, or pen holders.

8.      Blanket Edging: Use yarn scraps to create a contrasting or complementary border for blankets or throws. This adds a pop of color and ties the piece together.


Leftover yarn scraps may be small, but their potential is boundless. By reusing these scraps, you contribute to sustainability, save money, and nurture your creativity. From blankets and amigurumi to scrunchies and accessories, there are countless ways to turn those remnants into something beautiful and functional. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So, embrace the challenge, dig out those yarn scraps, and embark on your next creative journey. ABC Wools, India’s premier online yarn store, is here to support your projects with an array of yarn options from Vardhman and Oswal wools, available at the best prices with free shipping across India.

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