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Crocheted Ruffle Scarf 

Crochet Ruffle Scarf

Crochet Ruffle Scarf can be worn to any occasion. It will surely look good on you whatever the season is, whatever your wardrobe colour scheme is. But before paying for it too much, you should consider crocheting a ruffle scarf by yourself and I must tell you it is really worth the effort.

The reason why you should make your own Ruffle scarf

1. Crochet ruffle scarf can be made in a wide variety of colours and styles, so you will be sure to create something that fits your tastes and wardrobe pretty well.

2. It is very easy to wear with any outfit since it does not take too much attention.

3. It is very light and thin, so it will not bother you and keep you warm at the same time.

4. It can be worn for any occasion, whether it is casual or formal.

5. You can make this crochet ruffle scarf with your own pattern, which makes you feel very creative and unique.

Crochet Ruffle Scarf Pattern : Yarn usedVardhman Magnus yarn – 400 grams

Hook – 8mm

Ruffle Portion:

Chain 198

Row 1 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each st across the row (196)

Row 2 Ch 2 (doesn’t count as stitch), turn, 2 hdc in each st across the row (392)

Row 3 Ch 2 (doesn’t count as stitch), turn, 2hdc in 1st st, 1 hdc in each of next 3 stitches, *2hdc in next stitch, 1hdc in each of next three stitches.  Repeat from * across the row (490)

Row 4 Ch 3 (counts as stitch), dc in each st across the row (490)

Row 5-6 Repeat row 4

Tie off and weave in ends. Next, you will make the flat portion of the scarf.

Flat Scarf Portion:

With the ruffle placed horizontally and the original chain along the top, attach yarn to the end of the original chain in order to crochet along the opposite end of the ruffle.

Row 1 Ch 3 (counts as st), dc in each ch st across (196)

Row 2 Ch 3 (counts as st), turn, dc in each st across the row (196)

Row 3 – 4 Repeat row 2

Tie off and weave in all ends. That’s it!

Voila !! Your scarf is ready !!

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