How Is Knitting Beneficial For Health?

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The rarely known feature of Knitting

We all know that Knitting helps us by providing clothes be it a scarf or a sweater. Also, it helps us in enhancing our creativity level and producing some fascinating handicrafts. Some, people even sell their creations and earn. Hence, Knitting can provide us lots of things.

But, have you ever thought that Knitting helps in relieving stress and even maintaining mental health? Have you ever thought that Knitting will help you in relieving arthritic pain in your finger?

Various scientific research shows that Knitting not only produces good quality clothing material but also adds value to a Knitter’s health. Let’s see how is knitting beneficial for health- 

How Knitting can Relieve Stress Scientifically?

You must have seen various stuff like a stress buster ball or a fidget spinner. Both of them have got huge attention from buyers due to the claim that they can reduce stress. In fact, there have been lots of cases which have been the live proof of such tools. What is the underlying reason which made them so effective in relieving stress?Why such tools are getting so much attention from people? Well, according to various psychiatrists any repetitive activity lowers brain-wave frequency and can have the same effects on the brain as meditation. The repetitive motion of knitting induces our body’s relaxation response, lowering our heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. 

Although knitting is repetitive, it still demands a certain amount of concentration. It helps a person to distract himself/herself from themselves only and restructure patterns of thinking that may contribute to anxiety. Also, the nature of working with your hands and touching or feeling the material helps us focus on our senses but not our stressful thoughts. Some studies have shown that the mathematics involved in constant calculation of stitches, patterns, etc involves a stressed person into this activity and hence makes him/her detach from harmful thoughts. You can buy wool online in India with ABC Wools. 

How Knitting can relieve arthritic pain?

Arthritic pain is something which affects majorly the old age community. The joints like elbows, knees etc are not considered to be at risk. Actually, finger joints and wrist joints also get affected due to arthritis and the pain is not bearable. According to medical scholars, arthritic pain of fingers or wrists can be distracted and relieved if these body parts are mobile.

Knitting makes any person nibble all the time and due to this they have to keep their body parts (fingers and wrists) mobile. Now, due to this mobility many people have felt that there has been a decrease in arthritic pain. Like, a person affected with arthritic pain when wakes up in the morning then there are lots of chances that the person will feel very painful and might also feel numb. Later on as that person involves in knitting which needs continuous nimble of fingers, then slowly pain seems to be vanishing. After some time (when the pain is completely distracted) the person feels no or very less pain in his/her hands.

How Knitting is proving out to be a relief to old people in old age homes?

There are various old age homes throughout the world. Most old age homes in Europe and India have lots of people who knit sweaters, blankets, and other clothes out of yarn. These clothes are either sold or sent to an orphanage. Through the sale of these clothes, many old age homes earn money which fulfills the need of their residents. Also, those clothes which are sent to orphanage provides happiness to old people. Hence, that works as a relief to the residents of old age homes who are living away from home.

Overall, knitting not only helps in making beautiful clothes but also in relieving various health issues. It helps old aged people to make them self dependent.

21 thoughts on “How Is Knitting Beneficial For Health?

  1. Avatar Of Poonam poonam says:

    knitting is a great stress reducer, focusing your attention on the task at hand and resulting in something tangible you can be proud of. Like me🙈

  2. Avatar Of Needhi needhi says:

    Knitting keeps your mind occupied, it reduces your stress level and it also improves your self-esteem when you realize that you are able to create something with your own hands. Isn’t it? I tried to moralize it☺

  3. Avatar Of Preety preety says:

    I think we really need to help each other during this challenging time and try to bring light to ourselves as much as possible. Great work ABC wools♥

  4. Avatar Of Tania tania says:

    I focus on the movement of my hands and the needles and yarn under them, it brings me one step closer to a calm and clear mind and heart. I got this💓

  5. Avatar Of Meena meena says:

    A time when simple pleasures and modes of care like knitting have become more meaningful to me than ever before. 🍁

  6. Avatar Of Renu renu says:

    I’m happy to learn that knitting is helping a lot of people deal with these weird times in a more positive and productive way.💗

  7. Avatar Of Queen queen says:

    Really useful for those who have never tried it before as they are filmed in a way that you just have to mimic what you are watching.🌹

  8. Avatar Of Menka menka says:

    With thoughtfulness and care in every stitch, offering in these knits a hug even in times of separation and isolation. Truly adorable blog made with love💕

  9. Avatar Of Amrinder amrinder says:

    It is a truly wondrous method of creation that continues to allow me to grow daily. I am immeasurably grateful to all who came before me, and look with excitement and joy to those coming behind, and ever expanding the wonder of the craft.🦋

  10. Avatar Of Mohit Sharma mohit sharma says:

    One of the best things about knitting is that once you learn, you will never forget; it’s like riding a bicycle.💟 Getting self free from restrictions. 💯

  11. Avatar Of Mahi mahi says:

    I noticed now, how much this meditative, tactile activity calmed what I didn’t know then was my anxiety-brain, and I wanted to know and do more.😍

  12. Avatar Of Riya riya says:

    It is really trying to make this as easy for everyone as possible. Keep the good work 💫

  13. Avatar Of Neha neha says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the blog. Tenderness in actions and words and relationships – but also how in making by hand we infuse so much tenderness and intention into the things we make. Fabulous ✨

  14. Avatar Of Manju manju says:

    With my favourite music around plugged in, hands busy with yarn. And yes, I am free to do what I want, and that includes doing my bit to keep your hits up. 🌈

  15. Avatar Of Anita anita says:

    After all these years, I still find knitting a meditative, soothing process and am continually blown away by the end product coming from two sticks and a ball of yarn. 💞

  16. Avatar Of Surinder surinder says:

    For times of waiting or relaxation knitting fits the bill. Knitting is a gift of your time. One of God’s blessings and a comfort from a friend. You are loved! Nice work 🌸

  17. Avatar Of Niklesh Niklesh says:

    This is is what it is. You can either choose being sad and blue or you can try to make the most out of this situation and choose joy. Nothing in between 💝

  18. Avatar Of Kajal kajal says:

    Knitting and crocheting can be so therapeutic, and in a time of panic that’s exactly what the world needs. 😇 Glad to read here!

  19. Avatar Of Bhawna bhawna says:

    Knitting has always been something of a therapeutic practice for me – the things that come from what I lovingly think as an important part to treat my anxiety 😌

  20. Avatar Of Renu renu says:

    While my grandmother had previously tried to teach me to knit, my hands had felt clumsy trying to mimic the motions she showed me. So this time I tried again on my own to do what she had made look so easy. And your blogs too😘

  21. Avatar Of Tarun tarun says:

    Knitting is a method of self-care whose by-products can keep you or your loved ones warm and comforted. I’ve spent what feels like a record amount of time knitting over the last 3 months for all of these reasons and have a whole pile of knits to show for it. Amazing and relatable blog💖

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