How To Make Amigurumi Toys For Beginners With ABC Wools?

Amigurumi Doll

Let’s See How To Make Amigurumi Toys For Beginners

We all know the usage of Crocheting in making some really beautiful clothes. From making scarves and table clothes to making sweaters and cardigans, crocheting is used in almost all of them. But, there is some fascinating usage of crocheting in making handicrafts and other beautiful stuff. Like people make Tote Bags, Baby Blankets, and even toys. The Japanese craft of crocheting toys has gained popularity for a very long time. This craft of crocheting toys is known as Amigurumi. People in Japan and other parts have even started making crochet toys for earning a livelihood.

Amigurumi became famous in Japan during the Kawaii movement. Using crocheting people started making plush toys which were termed as kawaii or cute. These cute toys with button eyes were one of the most famous ones and were in huge demand. Most kids were very much fascinated with these toys and it sooner became a business. Crochet toys now can be bought online as well as made at home also. It is one of the most interesting DIY projects for those practicing knitting and crocheting.

What do you need to make Amigurumi Toys?

Though, you can create a Crochet Toy in India no matter if you are an experienced crafter in this field or just a beginner. You don’t need to be very much skilled in this sector but the basic knowledge and skills of crocheting are a must. You just need to perform invisible decrease, single stitch, and double stitch. Now, for crocheting, the number of required tools differs slightly based on the type of toy you are making. Here, we will talk about the very basic supplies needed to make a simple Amigurumi project.


For making a plush toy it is quite necessary to have the stuffing first. Softer plush toys need a softer stuffing. The majority, of small-scale makers of Crochet toys use cotton or polyester for stuffing. Some even use foam inside to make it more uniform and softer. Generally, for DIY projects it is advised to use cotton or polyester only. Well, some organizations even use memory foam depending on the usage. But it is strongly advised to go for cotton or polyester for your 1st project.


Yarn is the most essential need in the making of a plush toy using Amigurumi. Well, in the market there are lots of yarn that exist & also you can buy yarn online in India with ABC Wools. All yarns are made for their specific purpose. Hence, all yarns cannot be used in making crochet toys. For beginners, it is advised to use 8-ply yarn. The yarn must be not much fluffy and shouldn’t have fuzzy fibers. Because crocheting with such yarns can be a daunting task when it comes to small needles. The fibers would hide the detailing of your plush toy. Well, some people take these fibers if they want to make a fuzzy-looking doll but it’s nowhere a wise take for beginners.

Now, which type of yarn should be chosen to make Crochet Toys?

Here we are mentioning a few suitable types of yarn which you can find in an online yarn store in India for making cute crochet toys.

Oswal Yarn By ABC Wools

Oswal Yarns are one of the most suitable types of yarn due to their very nice features in most dimensions. This type of yarn is not very heavier like pure Cotton yarn, as well is not much lighter. These types of yarns are moderate in weight. They are easy to wash(both hand and machine. The quality of shape retention even if the size of the toy increases is one of the most salient features added to the toy by this yarn. Well, the “OSWAL” yarn available at our online wool store in India, ABC Wools can be the best yarn for making a plush toy through crocheting.

How To Make Amigurumi Toys For Beginners- ABC Wools

Cotton Yarn By ABC Wools

These yarns are heavier as compared to the cotton-acrylic blend and are used to make very detailed plush toys. Crocheting using these can provide you with a more visible toy and possess a less fuzzy look.

How To Make Amigurumi Toys For Beginners?

Vardhman Yarn By ABC Wools

For individuals who are making an Amigurumi toy and are tight on their budget then they opt for such yarns which are lower in cost. Generally, acrylic yarns are low-cost yarns and are easily available. With less amount spent on them, you can buy online yarn at ABC Wools and then make a plush toy cheaper. But there are a few drawbacks of this yarn as well while making a Crochet toy. These toys are not able to retain their shape much after they deform. The detailing of the toy is not much visible due to its fuzzy fiber. Despite these drawbacks, some toys need a fuzzy look and for those toys, acrylic yarn can be better. The Vardhman yarn available at ABC Wools can prove to be the best option if going for a completely acrylic yarn.

How To Make Amigurumi Toys For Beginners-abc wools


For crochet toys, one should strictly adhere to small gauge hooks to avoid the leak holes which might leak the stuffing. Though it depends on the pattern of crochet with hooks of big gauge, it isn’t possible to make leakproof plush toys.


Well, for making a Crochet toy look beautiful you can use various other additives. Like, for making the eyes some people use buttons while some make it out of the yarn only. Some crochet toys with distinctive features have pipes and wires to make them look attractive. Also, pebbles are used at the base of the crochet toy to make it stand.

How a basic Crochet toy is made using all of the above supplies?

A very basic Crochet toy is made simply by making crochet shapes rolled and sewn over the stuffing. Let’s take the example of making a crochet pillow. Simply, a rectangle shape must be made using Crocheting and then the stuffing must be placed over it of suitable volume. That stuffing is then covered completely by the crocheted rectangle and then sewed at the end. This will either make a fully inflated cylindrical plush pillow or a flat plush pillow.

Similarly, it is advised to start with basic simple toys like plush balls and pillows, and later on, you should shift towards more detailed designs.

Now comes the very interesting part for those who were reading the entire stuff above for finding the potential of Amigurumi in business.

So, you must be thinking that it’s pretty obvious that making and selling a crochet toy is something that can make you earn out of your crocheting skills. Then that’s just one part but not the entire or only possible way of earning through Amigurumi. Here we will be discussing some interesting ways of earning through your hobby of making plush toys.

How Amigurumi Toys can help you earn?

So, you must be thinking that it’s pretty obvious that making and selling a crochet toy is something that can make you earn out of your crocheting skills. Then that’s just one part but not the entire or only possible way of earning through Amigurumi. Here we will be discussing some interesting ways of earning through your hobby of making plush toys.

Earning through Social Media using Amigurumi skills

Yes, you have read it very correctly. Amigurumi skills for making cute Crochet toys can help you in earning through famous social media platforms such as YouTube

and Instagram. When you are making your Crocheting videos from very basic to advanced and uploading them regularly on your YouTube and Instagram accounts then it might give you a considerable amount of subscribers or followers which will help you in earning. Though Instagram can only help you in earning through sponsors, YouTube will also pay off if you are crossing a set amount of subscribers count on their platform. Also, just being very similar to your competitors on Social Media will prove to be very challenging for you and it is advised to deliver unique and quality content. Instagram on the other hand can also be used to sell your plush toys online.


Earning through E-commerce platforms

You can sell your crochet toys through various E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Here, you can get your Seller account registered and verified which will then be used to showcase and sell those cute toys made by you. Just, focus on the quality and calculate all the costs very well to avoid mistakes. Also, fill all the required inputs to make it look attractive.


Earning through Local Market

You can earn by selling your crochet toys in the local market around you. For local shops, just better packing and branding will make it through. Also, online platforms such as Olx are used nowadays to sell not only older stuff but new online things which are made out of a hobby. Some people even open stores inside their homes and publicize them online.

Hence, Amigurumi: The craft of Crochet Toys can prove to be a very interesting hobby as well as a method to earn some money out of your interest.

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