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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn - 100gms

(48 customer reviews)
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn | Yellow Red Wool | ABC Wools
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA018) – 100gms

Oswal enjoy wool Yarn | ABC Wools | Cream Pink
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA004) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D001
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA001) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D002
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA002) – 100gms

Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn | Red Yellow Wool | ABC Wools
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA013) – 100gms

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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA011) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D008
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA008) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D007
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA007) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D006
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA006) – 100gms

ABC Wools- Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn-O0D005
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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA005) – 100gms

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Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn (O0DA003) – 100gms


Technical Specifications for Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn :

  • Composition:  Acrylic
  • Count:  2.5 Nm
  • Weight: 100gms (1 Unit of this product contains 2 Hanks of 50 grams each)
  • Needle size:  3.75mm – 4.5mm
  • Hook size: 4mm – 6mm
  • Use for – Baby sweaters, stoles, ponchos, mufflers, etc.
  • Product Colour may slightly vary due to the display settings of your device.
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Abc Wools Oswal Wool Yarn Authenticity Certificate Oswal With Frame Abc Wools

Description for Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn :

We have brought Oswal Enjoy Wool yarn for you, which is special to work with as it always gives uniqueness to your design. To encounter the uniqueness, this yarn comes with pretty soothing solid shades with a tint of contrasting color in between the entire yarn skein, which allows your pattern to look like a dual-tone design without actually struggling with the process of mixing the secondary color. This yarn is composed of Acrylic with the count of 2.5 nm.

Oswal Enjoy yarn is one of the softest yarns which we offer! Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn is light and versatile and makes each knit loop look smooth and perfect. The fine Oswal Enjoy wool yarn is exceptionally flexible and is turned into yarn, obviously, but it is also used to make delicate wool fabrics for sweaters and coats also; high-quality knitwear is made of it, which makes it an ideal yarn for you to pick.

If you are purchasing Vardhman Lamb Hair Wool Yarn, you have to put the following things in mind:

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Dry flat
  • Reshape while wet
  • Wash only in lukewarm water up to 30 deg C.

Explore Vardhman, Ganga  & Cotton Yarns along with Knitting & Crochet AccessoriesMacramePurse Threads and Embroidery Threads ensuring that there’s a perfect colour for your next creative project.

Reviews (48)

48 reviews for Oswal Enjoy Wool Yarn – 100gms

  1. Avatar Of Jitendra Kanwar

    Jitendra Kanwar

    I would recommend ABC wools for the crochet yarns whenever I’m asked by friends.

  2. Avatar Of Palak Bhatnagar

    palak bhatnagar

    Product was soft as expected

  3. Avatar Of Hitisha Batra

    hitisha batra

    Very soft and easy to knit. I made numerous soft knit caps for the Love Tree hat and mitten tree.

  4. Avatar Of Jigyasa Moorthy

    jigyasa moorthy

    One of the most happiest colour combination of yarns…soft, sturdy yarn, non-bleed, rich colour variation for fun crochet / knitting projects

  5. Avatar Of Kiara


    The colors are beautiful and just what I needed

  6. Avatar Of Meenakshi Rathore

    meenakshi rathore

    Works well. Soft to touch. Easy to work with.

  7. Avatar Of Jeenal Agarwal

    jeenal agarwal

    It’s great for beginners, it’s soft, acrylic so it won’t shrink (be careful with heat though), and the colors come in a great variety.

  8. Avatar Of Yashaswini


    love the colors

  9. Avatar Of Esha Mehta

    esha mehta

    Loved it. Beautiful colors and arrived on time and in good condition. Great value for beginners.

  10. Avatar Of Arshi Shekh

    Arshi Shekh

    I love your colourful wool collection.

  11. Avatar Of Aishwayra Manchandani

    aishwayra manchandani

    Even more beaitiful than shown in the product picture. Loved it.

  12. Avatar Of Girdhari Agarwal

    girdhari agarwal

    I was just trying to restart crocheting again, needed beginners yarn and this was perfect

  13. Avatar Of Uttara Dwivedi

    uttara dwivedi

    This yarn is great for baby and amigurumi
    This is my second order for this yarn.

  14. Avatar Of Neelima Loonker

    neelima loonker

    I’ve used almost all of this yarn for recent projects and I absolutely adore it. Great for beginners and for a variety of creations. It’s durable and easy to work with.

  15. Avatar Of Priya Solanki

    priya solanki

    The yarn came on time. The colors are beautiful and it is of excellent quality. I have recently started crocheting amigurumi and I would highly recommend this as a nice starter set.

  16. Avatar Of Kamla Hassan

    Kamla Hassan

    This yarn is just what I wanted. Thanks

  17. Avatar Of Khyati Jajoo

    khyati jajoo

    I have purchased this product for making macrame table cloth. It’s serving well. Value of money!!!

  18. Avatar Of Mayura


    nice and soft product.good quality

  19. Avatar Of Vanita Patel

    vanita patel

    It’s very good quality product

  20. Avatar Of Akshi Jain

    akshi jain

    My wife liked it for knitting! Price lower than in the market. Good buy.

  21. Avatar Of Akshita Mehta

    akshita mehta

    The colors were vibrant and as expected, I loved working with these!

  22. Avatar Of Inayat Ali

    inayat ali

    I’m knitting scarves for kids and they will like it because it is so soft

  23. Avatar Of Leena Bhushan

    leena bhushan

    So awesome to have variety of colors for small personal patterns

  24. Avatar Of Pankaj Dev Sinha

    Pankaj Dev Sinha

    My favourite thing about ABC wools is that besides their tools and supplies, which make up the majority of my knit and crochet kit, is that they have yarn value packs. Basically, they take a few colours or a colour family of different lines and send you a pack of yarn at a discounted price. You get to try their new yarn and get a few colours to play with. They also have this new thing called affordable yarn balls at minimum value, and it is just an amazing site for yarn buying; you will get impressed by the quality and quantity both, offered by ABC wools in coordination with Oswal. I planned for a whole doll set for my six year old daughter which I will be starting today itself. It was my best decision to shop and deal with ABC wools. Great!

  25. Avatar Of Saundarya Sen

    saundarya sen

    I like the softness & colours. The price wasn’t too costly. I also liked how fast it got here.

  26. Avatar Of Beerbala Raman

    beerbala raman

    I was very pleased with this yarn, I must say. I didn’t expect such quality for this price! I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it is, not to mention how easy it works up. I certainly intend to purchase more in the future!

  27. Avatar Of Deboleena Chatterjee

    deboleena chatterjee

    Good quality and nice colours.

  28. Avatar Of Om Rajiv

    om rajiv

    I have really enjoyed working with this yarn. The colors are vibrant and the yarn itself is soft and easy to work with. Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a variety of colors on a budget.

  29. Avatar Of Komal Singhvi

    komal singhvi

    product quality is lovely

  30. Avatar Of Suman Chopra

    suman chopra


  31. Avatar Of Bharati Sundar

    bharati sundar

    I am happy with my purchase

  32. Avatar Of Vishakha Saraf

    vishakha saraf

    Bought this for my kids crafts, they love it. It’s great for beginners, I loved the price and the assortment of colors

  33. Avatar Of Cheshta Purohit

    cheshta purohit

    During this quarantine I decided top pick up a hobby and I chose knitting! However my needles and such haven’t arrived yet but the yarn is soft and the colors are great! Can’t wait to get started!

  34. Avatar Of Kinshuk Uppal

    kinshuk uppal

    One of the most happiest colour combination of yarns…soft, sturdy yarn, non-bleed, rich colour variation for fun crochet / knitting projects

  35. Avatar Of Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma

    Great shade that will fade! I have never bought yarn online, but now I might be brave enough to try! All credit goes to ABC wools. While the colours are fine and the core is soft, it seems that it still has a lot of amazing shine. It is good quality wise and it also had some basic shades like Grey, white and a proper pink or magenta. They represent a nice range of colours and they are soft enough for casual colouring but if you are looking for really soft cored cheap but great quality colour. Amazing quality. Very much happy with what was delivered. Got exactly as per the description. I will be featuring my post here today. Thank you so much!

  36. Avatar Of Ananya


    Good yarn with bright colors, great!

  37. Avatar Of Kaayra


    I love this yarn!! It’s so soft! It’s easy to crochet with.

  38. Avatar Of Tanya Bhardwaj

    tanya bhardwaj

    This is great for starting out, hives you so many color options and the amount of yarn is enough for my little projects

  39. Avatar Of Sonam Jaga

    Sonam jaga

    I bought the enjoy wool yarn to make a baby garment, after getting the yarn in my hand and checking the quality I already it was a good idea to buy it from ABCwools. Very much quality product at a great price.

  40. Avatar Of Lancy Biju

    lancy biju

    This product is simply stunning, but I’m expecting some more quantity,,,, overall it’s nice

  41. Avatar Of Kajal Keshriya

    Kajal keshriya

    The enjoy wool yarn comes with one of the best color combinations available in this online market. It is best for sweaters and mufflers. The prices are also good. So, you can buy a bundle of it and get a discount %.

  42. Avatar Of Faaya Hundal

    faaya hundal

    I use these yarns for making toys. They are nice and soft, but strong and easy to work with.

  43. Avatar Of Rashi Devgan

    Rashi Devgan

    The color combinations which is being used on the enjoy wool yarn are suitable for any kind of outfit made by itself. Such as it can be used to make a good muffler and a good stole too.✨

  44. Avatar Of Anradha Sharma

    anradha sharma

    I am happy with my purchase

  45. Avatar Of Divya Kasliwal

    divya kasliwal

    I actually like this particular brand so much that I got many orders of this yarn. As a beginner I like the variety of the colors and I like having the options.

  46. Avatar Of Rashmi Gunpal

    rashmi gunpal

    Nice quality. Bright colors.

  47. Avatar Of Komal Sinha

    komal sinha

    The colors are vibrant and the yarn soft and easy to work with

  48. Avatar Of Deepmala Jain

    deepmala jain

    Good Size thread.Very colourful as shown in the picture.I am very happy with the product

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