Best Blanket Yarns

Which Are The Best Yarns For Crocheting A Blanket in India?

Best Yarns For Crocheting A Blanket

Buying wool in India and that too online can sometimes be tricky, but well, no need to worry! ABC Wools always got you covered for any kind of crocheting and knitting needs. Just visit our website once, and you will get your desired item there for sure. Now, if you are looking for some yarns most preferred for blanket making, our online store has too many options. Here we are talking about a few of them and why those are best for your blanket project.

When it comes to crocheting, a few variables need to be taken care of, such as warmth, durability, and if it is washable or not.

Crocheting can indeed be a great hobby or passion when it comes to cold months of winter. It is one of the best time for knitting lovers. At that time, everybody would love to make some warm and cosy blankets for the cold winter nights. Some of the best quality yarns and wools for the blanket are Vardhman Blanket Wool Yarn, Vardhman Puffy Wool Yarn, Brilon Wool Yarn and a few more types of Vardhman Yarns.

Now let’s know what are the best yarns for crocheting a blanket and why?

Vardhman Blanket Wool Yarn:

This is among the best blanket-making yarn. It has every variable accomplished to be the most suitable blanket-making yarn.

The Vardhman Blanket Wool Yarn from is made of 100% polyester. And indeed, polyester made garments are best for winter. When it comes to blanket for cold nights, polyester material has always been the ideal composition.

The yarn is also shrinkage proof; being shrinkage proof is of those things that make a yarn suitable for blanket making.

The Vardhman Wool Yarn has the softness and warmth that are must need for a blanket.

The material of this yarn is also a bit blended with other fibres that improve and increase its durability as a yarn.

Also, The Vardhman Blanket Wool Yarn has a unique ability to absorb moistures and this way, it helps you stay warm.

Well, the Vardhman Wool is one of those thickest wool yarns in the market. Thicker yarns mean it needs lesser stitches to knit up a blanket. This is an absolute win–win advantage.

The most important worth mentioning point is that it is absolutely non – expensive. You are getting this at a very affordable price.

Vardhman Blanket Yarn Online In India

Puffy Wool Yarn:

The Puffy Wool Yarn from ABC Wools is undoubtedly one of the best yarns for blanket making. It provides you with warmth, softness, moisture absorption quality, and everything you need in yarn to make a nice and beautiful blanket.

  • This puffy wool yarn composition is also 100% polyester, as polyester is the ideal material for a blanket.
  • This yarn gives you the feel of easiness and comfort. While you are stitching or knitting a blanket with this yarn, you can already experience the soft texture of the yarn.
  • Also, you get a wide range of colour and shades of this Puffy Wool Yarn from ABC Wools. Thus you get absolute control over choosing what colour you need for your blanket.
  • One more advantage that could be counted is that the bright colour of the yarns! Not only how vibrant the colours are, but the colour also does not fade away after wash.
  • It can absorb the moisture of your body. On the other hand, its material continues to breathe, making it the perfect material for sweater or blanket making.
  • And finally, what makes it a must-buy product is that it comes with a great price advantage. Not only this, you are even getting a 10% off on this purchase.
Vardhman Puffy Buy Yarn Online In India

Vardhman Micro Shine Wool Yarn:

If you have been looking for a good nice, and absolutely vibrant coloured yarn for your blanket, this could be one. The Vardhman Micro Shine Wool Yarn from ABC wools is one of a kind yarn. It has everything to be an ideal yarn for winter garments as well as blankets.

  • The Vardhman Micro Shine Wool Yarn from ABC Wools differs from the yarn mentioned above. This is made of 84% acrylic and 16% nylon. 
  • In simple words, it is entirely unbeatable in the way of softness. It gives you an absolute feeling of relaxation. It is easy to make a blanket with this yarn, and you will feel comfortable sleeping with the blanket.
  • When you talk about these Vardhman Micro Shine Wool Yarn colours, there are too many things to talk about. The colours are bright, shiny and most importantly, the colours give warmth to the eyes.
  • It is machine washable. 
  • Once you start working with this yarn, you will for sure realize how beautifully soft and supple textured the yarn is.

Abc Wools Best Yarns For Crocheting A Blanket 1 Abc Wools

These were three of the best yarns for crocheting a blanket for the winter season. To buy all of these, you just visit our online store and choose your desired yarn from an extensive collection of yarns and wools. Not only the yarns, but you will also get every accessories and item for your crocheting and knitting passion. 


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