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Why Choose ABC Wools 4 ply Cotton Yarn?

Why Choose Abc Wools 4 Ply Cotton Yarn

A wonderful experience called knitting is incomplete without good quality wool yarns. Many knitters don’t know where to find good quality wool yarn online, especially beginners. Well, if you are just about, to begin with, knitting, you are in the right place – ABC Wools, the best online yarn store. It is a reliable source of your wool yarn. You can get to see a very wide range of wool yarns with different materials and different colours.

ABC Wools are selling premium quality wool yarn at a very low price. You can buy wool online in India at best price and with many different offers from ABC Wools. And the most important thing is that you are getting an ocean of colour options. Any colour you need, even multicolour cords and yarns are available here. Let us know about 4 ply cotton yarns.

What is 4 ply cotton yarn?

The 4-ply cotton yarn is one of the best yarn of ABC Wools. It is made of pure quality cotton. It is a fully cotton-made product. Also, for beginners, 4 ply cotton yarn can be a good choice for knitting. It is made of 4 single cotton threads combined. That makes it a strong yarn. But it is very soft. It is made of skin-friendly cotton, which will not be harmful to your skin.

Moreover, you are getting a wide range of colour options with the 4-ply cotton yarn. There are yarns available like ABCwools 4 ply solid colour cotton yarn and 4 ply multi colour cotton yarn. There are many reasons to choose 4 ply cotton yarn. Let’s gave it a watch.

Why choose ABC Wools 4 ply cotton yarn?

When you buy crochet yarn online in India, you can go with ABC Wools, India’s number one online yarn store. They are the best seller of cotton wool in India. They are selling only premium quality wool yarns at a very low cost. There are different types of 4 ply cotton yarn available with a different range of colours. Here’s a detailed description for you.

ABC Wools 4 ply solid colour yarn:

This yarn is a genuine quality cotton-made yarn with a large range of colours. Also, the price of it is very minimal. 

• It is made of 100% cotton. It is knitting-friendly genuine cotton yarn. 

• For beginners, the 4-ply solid colour cotton yarn is a perfect option. If you are a beginner, you can start with this yarn. As it will provide you with a smooth knitting experience.

C 4 Ply Compressed Abc Wools

• Moreover, this thick cotton yarn can help you with winter wear. You can make mufflers, scarfs, and caps with it. Cotton is a good resistance to your body temperature and the outside temperature.

• The ABC Wools 4 ply cotton is very strong. It is made of 4 cotton threads combined. Also, the threads are plied like one over another so it will not lose.

• Besides being strong, the softness it offers is immense. You just can’t complain about the quality you are getting.

• Experts can rely on this yarn as there is a wide range of colour options. They are getting their preferred colour for their upcoming projects.

ABCwools 4 ply multicolour cotton yarn:

• This yarn is very revolutionary. It is an example of a modern colour option with traditional quality.

• A good decorative yarn at an undeniable price. You can go with this if you are looking to buy cotton yarn online in India.

• With 4 ply multicolour yarn, you are getting unique colour options.

• It is a great decorative piece. You can use 4-ply cotton yarn for home and garden decorating.

• ABC Wools are the only online store providing free yarn delivery all over India.

• Along with that, ABC Wools are providing 7 days exchange offer with 4 ply yarns.

• For beginners and experts, it is a piece of modern art.

Abc5987 Edit 600X600 1 Abc Wools

You can see there are many reasons to buy 4 ply cotton yarn from ABC Wools. Though there is a full description, here is a shortlist of benefits described for you to understand easily :

• 4 ply cotton is made of 100 % cotton

• No added materials

• Skin-friendly cotton

• Non-bleeding colours

• Premium softness

• Wide colour options

• Knitting friendly cotton yarn

• Best for beginners

• From best brand like ABC Wools

• Free and fast delivery

• Exchange offer

In conclusion, you can say, ABC Wools, India’s number one online yarn store, sells nothing but only premium quality cotton and wool yarns. Also, they have introduced colourful threads (Reshmi reel threadsEmbroidery Thread). Moreover, you can get wools like Vardhman woolOswal wool, baby soft, knit plus, and many more.

Besides that, the 4-ply cotton yarn is one of the best products. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this wool yarn is a perfect option for you—a premium knitting-friendly wool with decorative advantages. So, don’t wait much. Have a look, visit today and get your ply yarn at a very reasonable price.

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    I’m definitely not a beginning knitter, just new to lace knitting. But if you keep posting blogs, I’ll master all the basics and expertise as well😂🧶

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    As Knitters, I rarely knit for myself, so give yourself the treat of reading this blog, buying this yarn😉

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  7. Avatar Of Karrish karrish says:

    There really isn’t anyone else who makes “realistic” knitting cotton yarn than ABC wool. The knitting instructions themselves seem to be pretty solid, and I have almost finished making the stuffed yarn. ♥

  8. Avatar Of Luxmi luxmi says:

    I am a yarn addict and I love this yarn. So far I made three different shawls. So thankful 😘

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    I will have a great time working through the beautiful projects several of which are one-skein stash-busters.

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    This is a good reason to use sharp pointed lace needles instead of the blunt bamboo ones I’m using. 🙂

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    Cotton yarns are always amazing as they are breathable, and this website has them perfectly 💓

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    Extremely friendly and knitter oriented customer service, and outstanding yarns. I am very glad to be one of ABC wools customers and retailers.

  16. Avatar Of Kamal kamal says:

    Last week I decided I wanted more of one of the types I bought, and I received it in 3 days! The online store is fabulous, and this speedy delivery was way beyond my expectations! Thank you so much 😇

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    The wool is top quality and the service is fabulous. Plus the warmth of those log burners in the winter, what’s not to like! 🧶🔟

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    Overall I liked it a lot, and would recommend it to fellow knitters. 🔟

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    This satisfies on so many levels, it appeals to the woman, the mother, and the needle artist in me. I highly recommend it, it deserves reading and rereading. 🧶

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    I loved all the yarns collection and buy a lot of my yarn here. They have great prices and a wonderful selection of yarns from all over the world. 🌟

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    I crochet and weave on a small weaving frame and this is my go-to for craft yarn. 🙂

  22. Avatar Of Mahi mahi says:

    Even as an experienced knitter that’s not something I think I could do on the fly, and the yarn is worth buying for the extra thought and care put into those details.🐾

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