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Cardigan Of Hope

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Breath by breath, life falls apart; little moments of now become memories of past somehow.

When the seasons of life change and the cold comes creeping in, remember to light your fireplace by your bedding.

The fallen pieces of your life crave the sense of touch: the touch of love like a binding wool.

Criss-cross and stitching through, things come together and become a new.

Whether in knitting or in life, the act of coming together is a gracious sight

Little steps of living, learning and doing; patience it takes, so we give:

Until we bind the pieces of our life again, and become ready to wear the cardigan of hope yet again!

20 thoughts on “Cardigan Of Hope

  1. Avatar Of Asha Pathan Asha Pathan says:

    East or west ABC is the best🤭🤝

  2. Avatar Of Arjun Raj Arjun Raj says:

    That was cool enough though! 🌺

  3. Avatar Of Himani Pandey Himani Pandey says:

    In the world full of readymade, be someone’s handmade cardigan of hope 😅🙈❤

  4. Avatar Of Sakshi Sharma Sakshi Sharma says:

    Knitting is fun, crocheting is love, ABC wools are all above 😂🙌🏻 I tried it too

  5. Avatar Of Meeta Solanki Meeta Solanki says:

    Short and sweet poem 🥀

  6. Avatar Of Reena Bhadak Reena Bhadak says:

    Wow! Loads of emotions in one blog🥺💞thanks for this sweet and little one! 💜

  7. Avatar Of Swaroop Meena Swaroop Meena says:

    Should we start poetry along with knitting and crocheting 😂🙌🏻I mean yaa it is interesting💯

  8. Avatar Of Mahak Nagar Mahak Nagar says:

    I’m a poet too. As soon as I saw this poem in yarn, I was inspired more and more towards my poetry, and the interesting fact is that my wife is a great knitter😊💞thanks

  9. Avatar Of Ashka Nagar Ashka Nagar says:

    Buying yarn is the first happiness and reading the blogs lies the second 😌💕

  10. Avatar Of Anas Pathan Anas Pathan says:

    I don’t love knitter, I love the thought of being a knitter and that’s inspiring 💖🥺

  11. Avatar Of Khushi Rathore Khushi Rathore says:

    Love to the part of this website, I keep reading your blogs and updated with all the information 💯

  12. Avatar Of Gajendra Singh Gajendra singh says:

    What a wonderful hope that was🎀 creative and innovative 🥺❤

  13. Avatar Of Tina Gehlot Tina Gehlot says:

    Life of a knitter composed in 6 phrases 🍁💐

  14. Avatar Of Surbhi Jaiswal Surbhi Jaiswal says:

    The poet done an amazing job ❤ creativity, within innovation 🍃

  15. Avatar Of Ronak Singh Ronak Singh says:

    This reminded me of my cardigan 😅❤I made it 7 months ago😍

  16. Avatar Of Seema Kanwar Seema kanwar says:

    Ohhh my God 😳that was so amazing

  17. Avatar Of Pushpendra Singh Pushpendra Singh says:

    “Until we bind the pieces of our life again, and become ready to wear the cardigan of hope yet again!” Perfect, perfect lines! 🥺💖

  18. Avatar Of Kamal Ranjan Kamal Ranjan says:

    “Criss-cross and stitching through, things come together and become a new. ” This is my favourite line😌💞

  19. Avatar Of Kashish Pandey Kashish Pandey says:

    Lines were really amazing and touching. Great content keep it up.

  20. Avatar Of Layba Khan Layba Khan says:

    I just wanted to thank you, for making such an awesome website with information and amazing collection of yarns, hooks, pure wool, accessories and cotton section separately. We are blessed ❣️❣️❣️

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