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4 Easy Ways To Make Crochet Rakhi At Home

Crochet Rakhi At Home

4 Easy Ways to Make Crochet Rakhi At Home

Rakhi has arrived, and we are overjoyed! Because it marks the beginning of Hindu festivals in the later part of the year! It brings a lot of happiness with itself. But, due to the pandemic, it is not a good time to leave our homes because of the COVID-19 sudden spread out.

 Everywhere else in the world, we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Family Day, but in India, we celebrate a day for brothers and sisters. In thick and thin, her brother still promises to protect her. Raksha Bandhan is the name given to this auspicious day. Though we skip the thrill of finding the perfect rakhi patterns for our siblings, there is something more we can do to brighten our children’s faces. Let’s learn how to make Crochet Rakhi at home.

So, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of four stunning rakhi designs that are incredibly simple to create and will undoubtedly earn you a slew of praises from your adoring buddy. So let’s get this party underway.

Let’s Learn how to make Crochet Rakhi at home?

It’s a very memorable day at home for us as well. Every one enjoy making rakhis for their daughters. It still adds the unique touch that makes one feel at ease. I’m sure you’re looking for creative ways to make one at home or for a Rakhi-making competition. I looked up many ways on the internet and am now introducing it to you.

Materials Required:

  • Yarn: white and red Vardhaman wool
  • Crochet Hook: 3mm
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Foam
  • Zari Motifs
  • Knitting and crochet needles
  • Measuring Tape
  • A thread of some kind to tie with – silk thread, wool, satin ribbon, etc.
  • Stitch Markers


1. Rakhi made of wool

Most of us have wool yarns stashed anywhere in our homes! Isn’t it time to put it to good use? There are a plethora of colors available due to the wide variety of color options. This rakhi style is really attractive and will grab everyone’s eye. Yellow yarn, red ribbon, embellishments such as litter or pearl beads, and a pair of scissors are needed. Simply twist the wool through your fingers for almost 20 rounds before tightly tying it at the center, as you would with a pompom. After this tie a wooden bead at the center plus another strand behind for making the rakhi. 
For making this crochet rakhi at home you can try our Oswal Micro Rangoli Wool Yarn.

2. Craft foam rakhi

A craft foam rakhi is a crafter’s and DIY’s dream! To make this rakhi, you’ll need art foam in bright colors, scissors, glue, and decorative stickers. Simply cut out odd shapes, such as a motorcycle, tree, or cartoon character-shaped foam in various colors, and stick them together. To this, you should add some glitter for a zingy effect or even various stickers. This rakhi style is ideal for children, who prefer more exclusive rakhis. 
For this super fancy rakhi you can use Reshmi Reel threads.

3. Rakhi with a Zari motif

If you are a die-hard fan of all things conventional, this is the right choice for you. Zari motifs are commonly used on fabrics and various types of clothing. They are conveniently obtained from a tailoring supply shop. The greatest part about zari motifs is that they’ve had a silk lining, making them simple to stitch or attach onto gold thread or lace to create a rakhi.
Crochet Rakhi at home with a Zari motif can be made with Vardhman Blanket Wool Yarn.

4. Plain Crochet Rakhi

Wool yarns are commonly found in our homes! Knit crochet rakhi If not, ask your grandmother about it. Steps to make this one are as follows:

  • A simple wool knit, crochet, or even a ribbon knit rakhi is an excellent option.
  • A plain knit rakhi made from Multi Color Cotton Yarn is a lovely choice for someone who isn’t particularly talented in the arts and crafts.
  • Take three good links and twist them together like you’re having a hair plait.
  • Interlock Rings:- R1: Begin with a small circle and work 30-40 Single Crochet stitches; enter with a slip crochet at the start.
  • R2: 2 Half Double Crochet (HDC) in each SC; connect with a slip stitch at the beginning. And do not cut the wool. To make the team, chain 30 times and tie at the top.
  • R1-R2 for the second ring.

Extra tips to focus on!

  • Crochet fabric or cotton yarn may be used.
  • Depending on the occasion and style, you may wear it as a ring, band, or necklace.
  • Contrast color can appear sharp. Wear in black, navy blue, and olive green with a parmesan interlock belt.
  • Remember not to over-accessorize. The pattern’s simplicity is obscured as a result. Believe in the beauty of simplicity!!

That’s all we would suggest for how to make rakhi at home . Go creative this season! Give us the chance to serve you with the best yarns! You know what you have to do now. Just keep trying and remember the perfect yarn and the perfect needles are the major two pillars of this procedure and you need to ace them. ABC wools have all what you are searching for! Just look at the products and you are going to love the


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  1. Avatar Of Akansha Vyas Akansha Vyas says:

    Love this eco-friendly idea to make Rakhi! 🧶
    Handmade Rakhi always looks much better than market brought one ❤️

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    I made Rakhi and this is the perfect colour for my next project as welll…. 💫

  3. Avatar Of Ravi Gaur Ravi Gaur says:

    Along with Rakhi’s, I even opted for making bracelets for me and my daughter. Some useless beads were looking amazing on it. Creativity with sustainability. ✨😊

  4. Avatar Of Rupali Ahuja Rupali Ahuja says:

    Super cool Idea.. My Daughter is really bored nowdays and these ideas are really easy to impliment. I hope she like this hobby as much as I do ! 😁😂

  5. Avatar Of Arpit Arpit says:

    I tried making one, but it was not good, I’ll try next time again with some different design and pattern. 🙂🌺

  6. Avatar Of Uma Jha Uma Jha says:

    I remembered late night that I got my craft project as making Rakhi for soldiers one the next day in my school. My sister is blessed with the talent of crocheting and she made 3 Rakhi’s overnight for me. 😍I will post a picture soon💓

  7. Avatar Of Anjali Rastogi Anjali Rastogi says:

    Wonderful Ideas !! Will try one of these on rakhi and might teach my children also!

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    You inspire me to try new things. 🌿

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    My brother was surprised to see this Rakhi made by me, he checked my Amazon cart😅😂, got nothing but astonishment 😆. It was very helpful
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    Believe me, we are talking dozens and dozens of various colours! 💯

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    You will be surprised at your own after making this rakhi, sustainable and long life💯

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    Good idea😃

  14. Avatar Of Rajendra Naruka Rajendra Naruka says:

    This was my first time using this yarn. My daughter really loved it and recommended it because it works up very quickly.

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    I was unaware of this trend, now I’ll share this idea with my siblings as well🤗

  16. Avatar Of Heema Khan Heema Khan says:

    As soon as I saw this blog, decided to make and sell Rakhi’s for small girls. 😇❤ It helped me gain some penny in this lockdown. My mom was proud 💫

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    I’m a fast crocheter. I made a broad Rakhi pattern and uploaded a video of the same. Now credit reserved for ABC wools. 🧶🤗

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