8 Tips For Converting Your Hobby Of Knitting Into A Profession

Tips For Converting Your Hobby Of Knitting Into A Profession

It’s the dream, isn’t it? We all favour waking up excited on Monday, experience the work we do, and coming home full of energy to do it again and again tomorrow. The obvious suggestion is to convert your hobby- the passion you have- into your primary source of income by taking it up as a profession or a business. If you did that, then work and hobby would grow to be the same. From Monday to Friday, you will have as much fun as the weekend, and your whole life will revolve around what you like to do naturally. 

For all the passionate knitters, we suggest you 8 tips for converting your hobby of knitting into a profession, which can turn into one of your major life-changing decisions. And for this transformation, all you need to do is you need the plan to monetize your hobby of knitting. The good news is you can do the same very quickly! Especially if you take the recommendation of those, who did it already. Or if you don’t know anyone to help you out in that, then ABCwools is here with 8 tips for converting your hobby of knitting into a profession.

Plan Your Thoughts

You must be thinking about how to figure out that what you want to do?

The answer is finding your ideal career is as simple as asking yourself: what do you enjoy doing? If your answer is about one of your hobbies of knitting and not anything else, it might be time to consider turning your knitting into a full-time or part-time job. If your answer includes one of your leisure activities and not your regular work, then, at that point, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to begin thinking and transforming your pastime into a full-time or low maintenance business and plan it accordingly.




Choose Your Niche                  

A career in knitting offers a lot of opportunities. It would be best if you choose your niche and what you excel in the most. Some of the popular knitting career options are:

Full-Time Knitter

Here, all you have to do is knit a particular provided pattern in customized color variations and sizes provided by the customer. This is one of the most famous and accessible professions which you can go for.

Knitting Instructor

Knitting instructors are what people look for these days. This pandemic has provided a lot of leisure time, and convenience to work from the comfort of your home and offers individuals to explore their interests and new things. A knitting instructor can both pre-record the guide to knitting pattern videos and then sell them, or else they can also take one on one live classes and make it a source of income. One very common approach is to upload the knitting videos on YouTube and other social media websites, increasing their reach and earning.

Knitting Designer

This s a kind of profession which is very deal for pro knitters. Knitting designers bring life to the ideas. They design clothes and fabrics but not by sewing by knitting. Knitting designers create knitting fabrics for different types of knitting projects and sell them. They are always on the top of experimenting with the new knitting styles and patterns to come with something unique and mind-blowing.

Knitting Brand

If you’re someone who really has a keen interest in knitting patterns and design and understand them very well, then you can easily open your brand or store where you sell all things hand knitted. In this, all you need to do is either hire people who can knit for you different designs, or else you can communicate with people across social media and buy their designs and apparel and create a collection of yours and sell it. By this, you’re making money for yourself and helping the other individuals of the knitting community.




Be Aware Of The Needs

Before planning or executing anything, you need to be very well aware of the market where you’re stepping in. know the needs and demand; what works, what not is where you need to focus. What is already there and what is still not up and need to be on the frontline. What is the success rate, and what is the failure rate. You need to know why if one thing is on top and the other has just failed, what were the reasons for the success, and the loops for the failure. You need to research all this and then get your knitting needles ready for the new journey. 

Take Small Steps

All you need to focus on before starting is that you don’t just jump over to big things because that can lead to a significant failure; you always have to keep in mind that you’ve to take the baby steps in the beginning, and it will gradually expand with the time. So don’t forget to give time to your profession to grow. Don’t just rush by taking many things together at once; plan it and start with one single approach and make it a success first and later expand to other secondary things.


Before starting, you need to find your community and analyze it. You’ve to communicate with people, exchange ideas, grow with them, explore with them and know the most about knitting with them. And gradually, you’ll be a part of the community and will be helping to expand your profession/ business and your community.

Socialize Your Profession

In the changing world where everything has switched on your laptop and mobile phone screen, you need to socialize your business/profession for growth. Make sure you invest your knowledge and time there. Start with Instagram/Facebook pages, then expand to YouTube and website; it will help you set up your profession. Make sure to constantly be updated through social media about knitting and new trends and approaches and also share your ideas in the form of blogs or YouTube videos to grow.




Hear What Others Have

It’s always essential to know what actually others have t say for your business. Sometimes we tend to live in another world, but others tell us what is showing up. The reality of every business is in the feedbacks; you should always be upon taking feedbacks and focus on working and learning through it. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, all you need to do is catch them and learn from them. The mantra for a new business is: “there is always a scope of learning” This is what you need to keep in mind to reach the heights of success.

Stay True

Staying true to your profession is what makes it count. You’re taking a big step of turning your hobby into a profession, which is already a very courageous step and to make it a success, you need to be very truthful to it. You’ve to treat it as a profession now and not just a hobby. Invest more and more time into it, be as consistent as you can be and don’t stop learning and exploring more and more of it. The result will automatically show up in your work and success. 

All we need to say at the end is to take your knitting needles and knitting and crochet yarn and get started on the path of turning your knitting hobby into a successful profession and expand our knitting community with your mind-blowing ideas and approaches.  


From ABCwools, we would like to wish happy knitting to all passionate knitters who came across this blog and all the very best for the new journey of your knitting profession. You can also shop knitting & crochet yarn in India from ABCwools.